Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Thursdays: Why must you always get the best of me and be my downfall?!

Thursday November 19, 2009
I have a confession. I hate Thursdays. They are my downfall for sure. I always start my week filled with motivation and drive to be productive and the best I can be. And for some reason, by Thursday it's like that filled balloon of motivation deflates and I become lazy and unmotivated. Almost every single Thursday. I get so frustrated with myself! I have got to find a way to overcome this and not let Thursdays be my downfall anymore. I will do it! On Thursday Baily woke up not feeling so well with a cough and she said her "neck hurt inside." A sore throat. Great. But it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. She never got a high fever and even though she still has a little cough that's all it's really been which I'm so grateful for. I hate whenever anyone in my family is sick and have been grateful we've escaped all the sickness so far. So even though she wasn't sick it was still a lazy Thursday for us. As you can tell from my scrubby little naked boy. At least he's still cute when he's scrubby. And even though she didnt' feel well, Baily was still a total sweetheart that day which made me very happy indeed. She even came up to me and and showed me the heart she made and was so excited and said so sweetly, "mom, here's a special heart for you because I love you so much!" *Sigh... I love that girl! Later on during the day I had an opportunity to pull myself away from my laziness and have an awesome missionary experience. The missionaries called me and asked if I would be willing to go sit in with them at a sister's house while they had a lesson. I gladly accepted and headed over there with my 2 kiddos. Joaquin was a little restless but with a prayer he was calm enough that we could get through the visit with the Spirit. This sister is one who has already committed to baptism. She's going through a divorce right now, had one daughter and she is just amazing. She's already read the Book of Mormon twice, read the entire Doctrine & Covenants and knows so much. She studied religion in college and her insight and knowledge is just awesome. I was so touched by her example and testimony. I don't think I contributed all that much but I know I surely benefited from being there. I've been praying for more missionary experiences and this was a wonderful answer to prayer. I'm so excited and motivated to go out and have more of these wonderful missionary experiences because it truly brings joy which is indesribable. So that was definitely the highlight of my day! Later on I realized that I definitely need to take care of my computer addiction (I still find it ironic that I talk about this addiction while I am on the computer... I know, I know). Especially when I was arguing with Baily about who got to play on the computer the longest. She loves to play games on the computer which is fine but I know that my bad example of spending too much time on the computer will rub off on her as she tries to clone everything I do. I've really got to step up my game and be a better example to her and Joaquin. So starting today, I will keep my "will not" goal I made at the beginning of the week (yeah... I fizzled out on some of those goals by the infamous Thursday:( ) to only get on the computer once in the morning to check my email and once at night after they are asleep unless I need to find something quickly online to get something on my to do list done but not on facebook or my blog. So there's that. Next week I plan on keeping my baloon inflated all through the week- not just Monday through Wednesday.

Discussion Question:
Do you have a downfall day?

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