Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Sweets

Sunday November 15, 2009
Oatmeal anyone? Joaquin thinks that anytime he eats a meal, when he's done, he needs to apply it to his head and throw the rest of it all over. This does not make me happy. But yesterday morning I decided to have the attitude "come what may and love it" and instead of screaming and yelling and gnashing my teeth, I took pictures instead. Besides, I know oatmeal is good for your skin so maybe it's good for hair too?! Anywho, yesterday started off a little rough for me as I realized that my husband was indeed sick and that I would be faced with going to church with my kids alone, again. Not my idea of cool. But I knew Robert was not feeling well and that my kids did need to go to church so off I went. I was pretty much an emotional wreck. I made it through though and am so glad I did (even if I was an hour late...). I was in a lil' bit of a bitter mood when I got home but that quickly changed when I saw that even in my husband's sickened state he did the dishes for me. Plus he let me veg on my bed, showered me love and adoration (that never gets old), brought me ice cream in bed, and let me take a wee snooze which was much needed and appreciated. It also helped my day and mood that my kids were being pretty much awesome. Robert took this picture of them cuddling during a movie. Awww! Love those babies of mine! Later that night, after the Cardinal won (wahoo!), we had a delicious family dinner (I cannot disclose any more detail about that) that I very much appreciated;) After that I loved reminiscing about some good memories with Robert. After Joaquin crashed and burned for the day Baily, Robert and I were being silly as you might be able to tell. It was good times. Then we had fun watching Elf, a family Christmas favorite, and all of us crashed while we were watching. This Sunday was a bitter start with a sweet ending.
Discussion Question:
What's your favorite Christmas movie?


Julie said...

1 to just pick one cant do it we load up the dvd player thanksgiving day with
A Christmas Story
Christmas Vacation
Polor Express
8 Crazy Nights
I know there is one more but I cant think

Beau said...

yeah, just one doesn't work.
A Christmas story
Home Alone
Polar Express
It's a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th st.
A Christmas Carol
Santa Clause
....they are all classics