Monday, November 09, 2009


7.13- "Mom. I love my mom."
8.1- We were looking out the window and there were fireflys everywhere. Baily exclaims so excitedly "Mom! I see Tinker Bell. There she is again." Oh the innocence of youth!
Sometime in October or November-
-I was telling her to do something for me and she was arguing with me about it. All of a sudden she looks at me and very seriously says "You startin' with me mother?"
-She was throwing a major fit and kicking and screaming on my bed because I wouldn't let her watch a movie before she went to bed. During her screaming and crying and kicking she screams "You gotta be kiddin' me! You gotta be kiddin' me!"
-I decided to tell her that I was going to stop drinking Pepsi so I could be more healthy hoping she would want to stop drinking it too. (She only gets it on Fridays.) She looks at me and says "That's fine for you mom but when I'm 18 I'm going to drink it every day and you can't stop me."
-In one of her prayers she says very tenderly "And please help me when I turn 12 to be in Young Women's so I can have so much fun."
-Every time I brush her hair she hates it. The other night after I was brushing it she looks at me and exclaims very frustratedly "Mom! That hurts like no other!"

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