Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baily & Joaquin Updates

Baily 3 1/2 years old:
~ Always says the food prayers
~ Loves swimming
~ Loves riding as fast as she can on her bike
~ Loves Primary
~ Loves her family
~ Can throw a pretty mean tantrum!
~ Loves strawberries
~ Loves to help mom in the kitchen
~ Can't wait to start school
~ Wears 3T-4T
~ Loves living in her own house and having her own room
~ Loves Dora and Max and Ruby and Kailan and Spongebob and icarly
~ Still ends up in mom and dad's bed by the morning
~ LOVES her daddy and hates when he has to go to work
~ Loves her baby brother and loves to share with him (most of the time)
~ Love animals- especially her dogs
~ Loves to be outside
~ Loves to play all sports
~ Loves popcorn with salt on it (garlic parmesan flavor)
~ Loves to watch movies- Spiderman, Enchanted, Signs, ET, Matilda, Titanic, Monster House, Home Alone

Joaquin 18 months:
~ LOVES his daddy
~ Adores his sister
~ Can run freaky fast
~ Loves to eat paper, mud and dog food
~ Is happy and smiling and laughing 90% of the time
~ Takes a nap right after lunch for an 1-2 hours
~ Goes to bed by 8 pm on the dot and is usually up by 7 or 8 am
~ Doesn't like milk or pasta
~ Wears 18 Months - 2T
~ Does not like to share
~ Loves popcorn
~ Loves Dora
~ Is so tough
~ Drinks a lot of liquids!
~ Loves baths and water
~ Loves playing outside
~ Loves balls
~ Never cries when he gets hurt
~ Loves meat and cheese
~ Hates when his meals aren't on time

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