Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And the list goes on...

Continuing with the catch up...
I got to go to Chicago with my dad, Patty and brothers Jensen and Eyan for a day of Harry Potter excitement. We rode the train (my first time on a train!) into the city and then went to the Museum of Science and Industry to enjoy the Harry Potter exhibit. I'm a major Harry Potter fan and so is my step-mom so when we had heard about this exhibit being in Chicago we were sooo excited. The exhibit was awesome! They had tons of orginal stuff from the movies and it was all so awesome. I loved the costumes the most. After the exhibit we were planning on seeing the new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie at the IMAX but that fell through so we walked around the museum a bit, ate some lunch and headed home. We decided that we were going to go see the movie in town to finish off our Harry Potter day and I'm so grateful to my hubby for taking the kids all day so I could have this fun experience, stress-free. It was such a blast! (Oh and I loved the movie!)
Robert was so excited to get a grill and a tractor/lawnmower this Summer. The kids love riding with him on the tractor and Robert didn't complain (as much) when he had to mow the lawn twice a week;)
We {heart} the beach! We had so much fun the few times that we made it to the beach this Summer and can't wait until next year when we get to go again. The Lake Geneva beach is our favorite- it has the best, smoothest sand and tons of cute little seashells to find!

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