Monday, November 23, 2009

Musing over my background...

Monday November 23, 2009
This morning I had my background interview for the Twin Lakes Dispatch job. This is the job (Dispatcher) that I've wanted ever since I was in HS. I must say- it was pretty intense. It delved pretty deep into my past. I've always known and expected this background searching in pursuit of this job but have never experienced it until today. During the process and as I left I realized how grateful I am for having been taught so many important values like integrity and honesty. And even though I've made mistakes, it felt good to be able to answer no to all the drug questions, the stealing questions and yes to most of the questions about having integrity. I have not always had integrity in my life and have made some poor choices that were dishonest. But I feel like I've learned from those mistakes, and like I said in my interview, I really value my integrity and will never give it up for anything. There have been many people who have helped teach me these values but I want to say thank you to all my parents (momma, pops, Patty, Gerald, Rachelle) for teaching me the invaluable value of integrity. Thanks!! The rest of my day went pretty smoothly and without anything extraordinary. I'm trying to decide how I want to proceed with my fitness training right now. I have mixed feelings about it and will get back to you on my decision. I did do a partial running/walking (mostly walking) workout at my dad's which felt good considering I'm still not feeling well (almost certain it's yucky allergies). My kids seem to be feeling a little better too and I think it's allergies they're suffering from as well. For dinner I made my new favorite meal these days- baked potatoe soup and garlic parmesan breadsticks. I tell you- talk about comfort food! It was seriously euphoric to me. SOOO good! Thanks again so much Jae for the recipe. I owe you!As you might be able to tell I'm on a total soup kick right now. One of the reasons I love colder weather. My kids aren't as big of fans as I am so they enjoyed the bacon along with toast and oranges. Whatev! After dinner we all chillaxed and goofed around and laughed. Simple but good times. The kids watched a little of Dancing With the Stars with me (this season isn't my fave- I'm going for Donny to win though) and we had fun trying to do our own Paso Doble. I love dancing! And I love watching my kids dance! And I love dancing with my kids! And that's all. I'd say it's a pretty good start to the week. I'm really trying to stop being so hard on myself and just enjoy every little moment and boy does that feel good;)

Discussion Question:
What are you grateful you were taught as a child and youth?

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Karen said...

Prayer. My mom taught me that through prayer every thing can be gained. The other thing I am grateful about is the Priesthood and the importance of it in my home.