Thursday, November 12, 2009

I may just be PMSing a lil' bit.

Thursday November 12, 2009
Today I have pretty much experienced every emotion under the sun. I've been happy, motivated, sad, lazy, frustrated, grateful, touched, loving, mean... you name it, I've felt it today. So I figure that and the fact that I'm having tons of cravings and the actual caving in and eating 8 mini chocolate candy bars might be a clue that I'm PMSing. Just maybe. Heaven help us all. Moving on. It was my turn to get up with the boy today and even though I was extremely tired (Baily decided that she didn't want to fall asleep until 1 freakin' am this morning!) but when I walked in to get him I couldn't help but smile when he flashed me his great big pearly whites and so sweetly said "hi mom." We watched tv in my room for a bit until he got restless and was about to wake up Baily so then we came in the living room when he promtly asked to watch one of his favorite movies at the time, which we watch at least 2 or 3 times a day, "Li-lull," which in case if you don't know Joaquin talk, that means Stuart Little. He loves that movie along with Stuart Little 2. And I must admit that I like it too. It's cute and I love how the house is decorated and the mom's style. If I were to ever have fashion sense, which we all know I don't and I really think someone should nominate me for "What Not To Wear" btw, I would want to dress like Mrs. Little. It's so classy and pretty and I just love her style. Anyway, as you can see, my little boy loves his "Li-lull." While he did that I was debating on whether to risk WWIII and wake up my Bug to go play church volleyball with some women in my church. We usually play on Friday mornings which meant I was able to go kidless but since Robert had to work earlier today and they moved volleyball to Thursday mornings it meant that the only way I could go play was to bring the babes. I LOVE playing- it's a great workout and it's so much fun and it helps me get some of my competiveness out (yes, I just made that word up). But when Baily doesn't get enough sleep she transforms into a hideous, monstrous beast (like from the beginning of Beauty and the Beast you know?). Ok, maybe not that bad... but maybe so. Anyway, I decided on not waking her up and risk missing out on volleyball this week. However, she woke up and wasn't horrible so I packed up the babes and off we went. We were an hour late but that was ok- that still meant I had an hour of playing time. And it was fabulous. I was feeling pretty great. After we got home J went down for his nap and I pretty much wasted away the rest of the day. I watched bits and pieces of SYTYCD (catching up) and wasted way too much time on the computer. Is it ironic that I'm on the computer talking about my computer addiction? So... now that my kids are tucked cozily (I think I made that word up too) in their beds and I have absolutely no excuse to spend anymore time on the computer, I'm going to go to sleep and get rested up for an extremely (that's right- extremely folks) productive day tomorrow complete with laundry (AGAIN!... will it ever end?!), budgeting and goal making, reading lots of scriptures and most importantly, spending some good quality time with my kids. And then just maybe, I'll let myself get on the computer to update my blog about my extremely (that's right- extremely) productive day. Sound like a deal? That means you must smack me if I get on the computer during the day. Alright then. Sweet dreams and here's to having an extremely (that's right... oh you get the point) day tomorrow!
Discussion Question:
What's an addiction you have that deters you from being productive and how do you conquer it?

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Niki said...

I'm really good at being a human sprinkler. Give me a hose, a patch of grass, and some trees/plants to watch grow and I'll be lost in my thoughts for hours. I don't even have my drip system turned on and I can ALMOST turn the sprinkler system off, too. My water bill sux.