Sunday, November 22, 2009

On My Mind...

Sunday November 22, 2009
Yesterday was, well, a day. I thought a lot yesterday. My kids woke up with low grade fevers and were congested with sore throats and I wasn't feeling too hot either. So we opted out of church (I hate bringing sick kids in public and don't appreciate it when other parents do either) and stayed home and vegged all day long. Robert had to work which was a bummer. So here are some of the thoughts I had yesterday. Bear with me.

1- How come when my husband is sick he gets to rest and I'm supposed to wait hand and foot on him but when I'm sick it's like oh well, get over it. Then I realized how selfish that thought was and how untrue it was. My sweet husband would do pretty much anything for me but I don't ever communicate to him what I need so how's he supposed to know. And no, he wasn't home to take care of me, because he was out working hard (including overtime that he always volunteers to work for) to support me and our family. He never complains about that and I realized I need to be more grateful to him and show him more love and support- which I will do.
2. I got caught up on watching the past few episodes of Glee and I LOVED them! They seriously made me so happy and I was cracking up. I would say that right now Glee is my favorite show. And I think Mr. S is my new celeb crush. He's awesome.
3. I was an ogre mom yesterday. It was not pretty. I realized that part of my problem is sadly, I've resented my kids a little bit. I hate to admit that but it's true. After a while of being with my kids and not much of a break I start to feel a little trapped and resentful that I don't ever have time for myself or when I try to do anything for myself I can't do anything for 5 minutes without being interupted. I can spend hours cleaning only for everything to be messed up within minutes. I don't always feel appreciated for all the hard work I do in keeping up the house or caring for my children. It gets so frustrating sometimes. But then I realized that I wouldn't want it any other way. Yes, being a mom is hard but it's always been my dream and it brings me the most joy and happiness in my life that I could ever hope for. I realize that I soon I will be working again (hopefully) and will miss all this time I get to spend with my kids. My babies are growing up way too fast and that's another reminder to me to enjoy them now, to truly have "joy in the journey," because they will be grown all too soon and oh how I'll miss them! And best of all, my kids love me and know that I love them so I must be doing something right.
4. I really need to wait until Joaquin has finished his night-time "business" before I put him and Baily in the tub. I'm so sick of him pooping in the bath!! (You're welcome for sparing you a picture on this one.)
5. I am so grateful to have my mom as my best friend. I have treasured this relationship all my life. And I realized tonight as I put Joaquin down to sleep and it was just me and Baily time and we watched Enchanted and had an impromptu tea party, that Baily is becoming my best friend in the way that my mom and I are. I love that! I love this girl so much! She is growing up way too fast but I'm excited for our friendship to continue to grow and mature like my mom and I's has. She loves me no matter what kind of ogre mom I can be and that's awesome.
6. I recently heard or read somewhere that you can't be bitter and grateful at the same time. That really struck a chord with me as I've realized I've been way too bitter lately and as how I'm always preaching about how important gratitude is to me. I need to show more gratitude to my Heavenly Father by not only recognizing and thanking Him for my many blessings, but by my attitude. I need to have an attitude of gratitude and stop being bitter and frustrated. I truly have SOOO much to be grateful for. So bitterness- BE GONE!
As I look forward to this next week, I will continue to try to work on my "will" goals, but more importantly I will try to have an attitude of gratitude. Please join me;)
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