Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wednesday November 25, 2009
Today was a swell day indeed. I had a nice calm morning with the kiddos and was able to get my house clean and orderly and watch last night's episode of SYTYCD. I think it was the best episode-the best dancing of this season so far. Both of Sonya's routines were amazing and really moved me. After Joaquin woke up from his nap and I got ready they went to Grandma's and I went to a job interview at Olive Garden. I feel like it went really well and left feeling good vibes and excitement to work there. I think it will work very well to my advantage. After my interview I rushed home to get my kiddos and went home and prepared a lovely dinner for the missionaries. A new friend and investigator was supposed to come but she was sick and couldn't make it which was a bummer. But we had a nice dinner (stuffed shells and cheese and breadsticks and yellow cake with choc. frosting for dessert- yum!) and nice conversation anyway. Those missionaries are sure nice fellows. After dinner and the kids and hubby were out I've enjoyed catching up on some of my shows. I watched the SYTYCD results show first and was pretty pleased with the results and I loved Shakira's performance, the ballet performance and the group performance. I so love dance talent!! Glee's episode tonight was awesome. I totally cried when they sang with the deaf kids- so touching! I love that show more and more each week. And finally I watched the Biggest Loser special "Where are they now?" and talk about the water works flowing and being motivated to make a change. I felt invigorated and you better believe I will be working on some major fitness and life goals this weekend after watching that inspiring episode. It's been a swell day and I cannot wait for Turkey Day tomorrow- it's gonna be great!
Discussion Question:
What are your favorite shows and why?

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