Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Fair Day in the Neighborhood

Tuesday November 17, 2009
Today was quite well. Nothing exciting or mind blowing but that's perfectly fine with me. I am so excited for citrus season. That's one of my favorite parts of winter. Our familys LOVES the Cuties oranges and we were all so excited when we saw them at the store last week. We've gone through a ton already. They are so good. And my personal favorite is a big, juicy grapefruit. Mmmm! My mouth waters just writing about it. So yeah, we had delicious citrus as part of our breakfast today and it was fabulous. I did great on all my "wills" today. I almost slipped on drinking soda from a drive through but I stayed strong. I was so excited when Robert gathered us for family scriptures and prayer today. That's a big step for him and us;) I had a wonderful, crisp and refreshing walk today while listening to some classical music and I must say my soul felt very invigorated. Later on I took the kids to my Step-mom's and I went and applied for jobs at Olive Garden, Chili's and Applebees. The only some-what promising one seems like Olive Garden. I hate looking for and needing a job. It's so annoying and frustrating. But on a happy note I did get a call yesterday from the Lieutenant at Twin Lakes PD and got asked to come in for a background interview next week which was super exciting seeing as I wanted that job so bad and when I got the dreaded rejection letter I was devastated. I don't know what state of affairs led to this change in me being reconsidered for this job but I'm sure grateful and hopeful! After we got home and I started dinner
I attempted to get caught up on my tv shows- I'm so behind. I was watching a few weeks ago of Biggest Loser when they were in Washington DC and trying to help in making changes to our country's obesity problem and for some reason I was very touched and my love for my country and our citizens was so strong. I love that show! I think it was Jillian who said "Biggest Loser is more than just a show. It's a movement." I loved that and totally agree. I feel very passionately about health and trying to live a healthy life. Not only for me but for my children and our future generation. I know that I haven't lived that way and am just barely starting to make those changes but I still feel, and have always felt, very passionate about fitness and health. I loved playing with my kids tonight and am so enjoying that one hour of devoted time to them. It's such a simple thing but so powerful. The saying "by small things are great things brought to pass" is so very true. And that's all. I get to go read my scriptures now so I can be successful with my 10 "wills" for the day!
Discussion Question:
What's one of your favorite parts of Winter?

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Beau said...

Again, if I had to pick just one, it would be the spirit of the season, when most people start to think of others and reunite with family....its like how things are supposed to be all the time or something.