Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hope from a new day.

Saturday November 14, 2009
I'm so grateful for a fresh, new day after a really bad day. Today was a much better day. I was able to get some much-needed grocery shopping done and I'll just say thanks to all who made this possible;) I came home and got my fride, freezer and cupboards cleaned out and organized which I've been meaning to do forever so that felt good. Then I got in a wonderful workout with a lot of hard running and it-felt-GREAT! I love runs like that- when you feel like you can conquer the world. While I was running (I run on my dad and Patty's treadmill at their house) Baily enjoyed some time visiting with her Grandma and Grandpa and even stayed with them for a while when I came home. That was good for her. I rushed home and made the best dinner- man it was so good! I got the recipes from my good friend Jae for the amazing baked potatoe soup and homemade garlic, cheese breadsticks. It was heaven for my tastebuds I tell you! After I finished stuffing myself I went to the church and picked up my one, sweet Young Woman (so glad she showed up so I wouldn't have to go myself) at the Church to go to our Stake Youth Sport's Night. I was bummed more girls didn't come, but I had a great time with this sweet girl and we had a blast kicking some booty playing volleyball. I must say that I'm developing a major love for volleyball, and if I can toot my own horn here for a minute (which I'm going to do), I am getting pretty, darn good at it. And that makes it even more fun. We played for 3 hours and I was so pooped by the end but I sure did have a blast playing with all the other youth and leaders. Good times. I love being in Young Womens!! So I would say today was a pretty good day:) And before I forget I MUST give 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up, and 5 gold stars to the movie Up. I didn't think it looked all that great in the previews but once I saw it (we watched it last night and then again today) I LOVED it. It's definitely high up their on my favorite movie list and we're definitely going to have to buy it. It was so cute and had such an amazing lesson in it. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. Not just kids, but everyone. Have a great night and Sabbath everyone!
Discussion Question:
What's your favorite sport and what's your favorite Disney movie?

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Beau said...

My favorite sport?...well, i don't know, let me see...alright I guell ill go with soccer! And as for Disney movie, well, my favorite would be Alladin,.......and/or up, cars, toy story, finding nemo, dumbo, robin hood, bambi, emperers new groove, and probably a bunch more that im not thinking of right now.