Sunday, November 15, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Friday November 13, 2009
As you might have guessed from my subtle title, I did not have a very good day yesterday. I don't really consider myself a very superstitious person besides the wishing on a star and at 11:11 and stuff but yesterday I believe I became superstitious that Friday the 13th.... well, sucks. There, I said it- the "s" word. Excuse my French please. But for some reason I had a very rough day personally. I can't really blame it on anything major or anyone. I know I said it was going to be an "extremely" productive day, and that was my honest & pure intention, but I was lucky to have survived. I did a lot, way too much actually, of crying and feeling bad about myself and having myself a lame, little pity party. Not just crying, but all out sobbing. I don't remember the last time I cried like that. Satan was working really hard on me to make me feel worthless, like a failure as a mom and wife and everything else, and helping me to worry a lot and therefore have fear instead of faith. I also did a LOT, and never can be too much, of praying for help. How grateful I am for prayer. I also was re-taught that Heavenly Father uses His children to answer each other's prayers. I had my brother Jensen come visit with me because he knew I was having a bad day which meant so much to me and I had a very loving and compassionate phone call from one of my new, very dear friends and also a call and nice long, loving conversation from my step-dad, basically my other dad, Gerald that helped me by leaps and bounds. I'm so grateful that these people were there for me and answered Heavenly Father's call to help me in my time of need. I'm also grateful to wonderful kids who love me no matter what and teach me so much about forgiveness and love. I have the best kids ever. So yes, I struggled a lot and had a rough day but I made it through thanks to prayer, family and friends and I ended the day feeling very grateful for all the many tender mercies in my life.
Discussion Question:
What gets you down to the point that you feel hopeless and how do you cope?

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