Monday, November 30, 2009

Blessings For 11.23

11.29- facing my fears and trying to have faith, going to church, how adorable my cute B looked, The Proclamation on the family, my ward family, an awesome lesson by our Bishop and getting to sit and hold hands with my husband I love so much, an awesome Bishop, first Sunday family dinner of many to come with dad & fam at our house, great food (home-made breadsticks, spaghetti and chocolate & banana cream pies), great conversation & a full happy home, new Christmas decorations, watching The Santa Clause with my kiddos, glow of the Christmas tree

11.28- hubby home from work and spending time together all day as a family, having fun watching Christmas youtube vids with kids and with elfyourself vids, HOT shower;);), Joaquin's adorable toes and cheekies, putting up Christmas lights with hubby and our awesome teamwork, a beautiful sunny day, decorating Christmas tree, BK for family dinner, BK onion rings, decorating house, Christmas nativities, house feels very Christmasey, aroz con chocolate (first time making it and it was dee-licious!), my hubby and his love!

11.27- first time and very successful black Friday shopping- kids are all done-whew!, amazing deals, our sweet lil' Christmas tree, brother Jensen watchin' my kids in the morning for me, leftover turkey sandwich for lunch!, naps and snuggles with my kiddos, Jensen comin' and playing with my kids and being such a great Uncle, kids were great today, cute new pj's for kiddies, picked up home and now nice & tidy, Biggest Loser, watching Grinch with kiddos, adorable cards from momma and lovin' her so much

11.26- Thanksgiving!, thinking of and being grateful for the countless blessings in my life from on High, deviled eggs & turkey, good times with Aunt Misty, lovin' on my nephew, making Christmas plans and shopping ideas with hubby, working heater

11.25- feelin' better, clean house, Patty baby-sittin' for me & living right around the corner, SYTYCD, phone call with friend Britney, great job interview with Olive Garden, inspiration & Divine guidance, yummy dinner (stuffed shells with cheese & fave breadsticks!) & great conversation with the missionaries, feeling very inspired by the Biggest Loser special, first snow- so peaceful and beautiful!

11.24- grapefruit (sorry but I just love 'em!), the sound of rain, my awesome step-mom Patty for taking Baily for a while so I could rest during Joaquin's nap and bringing over yummy chicken noodle casserole for dinner, Broadway music, new Ensign and Friend are here, reading most of Friend with Baily, Pres. Eyring's First Pres. message in Dec. Ensign, Donny won DWTS!!, hubby home from work earlier than usual, Baily cracking us up, rocky road ice cream, hubby's buff arms

11.23- hubby's big fluffy pancakes he made just for me, realizing how grateful I am for being taught integrity and values during my background interview, fridge is not broken!, looking for Christmas ideas at Target with my kids and their excitement for the day!, good advice from Patty, kids behaving so I could get my walking workout in, having access to my dad's treadmill whenever I want, being showered with kisses from my kids, baked potatoe soup and breadsticks for dinner!!, that the markers ate while I was cleaning the kitchen were non-toxic, dancing the Paso Doble with my kids during DWTS

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