Monday, November 23, 2009

Blessings for week of 11.16

11.22- Glee, Glee music, prayer, meds, my friend Britney J, grilled cheese sandwich and tomoto soup for lunch, freshly bathed children, one of the juiciest & sweetest grapefruits ever, watching my fave movie "Ella Enchanted" with B, tea party with B, bedtime
11.21- clean house= happy mom, smell of pinesol, my vacuum, B helping fold towels and being so excited to help, laundry all cleaned & folded & put away, awesome VT who I love so much & great gospel conversation, cuddles & watching "Cat in the Hat" with B, great sound sleep
11.20- a day off thanks to my sweet hubby!, a very productive YW Pres. meeting and loving the sisters I serve with, hanging out with just me and my awesome cousin Sarah, NEW MOON!!!, Native Americans;), Sonic!!, hubby did the dishes- thanks babe!, the new TLC show Family Armor about an LDS family, making it through a tough run and the high I get from running, good chat with my Pops, grapefruit!, new snack of chocolate covered Ritz (yum!), Ferrera Rochet (yum, yum!), playing Monopoly with my bros, getting lots of free steaks from a good ward family friend
11.19- getting to meet with a soon-to-be baptized sister with the missionaries and my kids not being too crazy, the BOM (Book of Mormon), Baily not being as sick as I thought she was and being in a good mood all day, playing with Joaquin and his sweet sweet laugh, SYTYCD and the way Baily tries to imitate each dance, Baily making a heart with her hands and running to tell me so excitedly that it was a special heart for me because she loves me so much, getting a letter from my momma
11.18- sleeping in, getting through a very hard run, excitement for New Moon!, super hot shower on a cold day, hanging with my best girl Brittney and getting to watch her kids then her watching my kids for me so I could go to YWIE in peace, BK onion rings, a fab Spirit-filled Yound Women in Excellence, all my Beehives and how proud I am of them, talking about my mom and how she taught me faith by having charity and compassion, enjoying late night frozen pizza and watching our shows (Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds) with my amazing husband, loving & appreciating my hubby so much, cuddling with my sweet babies
11.17- citrus season is upon us!!, delicious grapefruit, classical music, refreshing & crisp Fall walk, loving my country and all our people as I watched past episode of Biggest Loser, Wendy's Frosty & fries, red lipstick, my cute leather jacket, my very warm home in very cold weather, playtime with the kiddos, SYTYCD
11.16- woke up with tons of motivation and made a list of "Will" goals, prayer, doubling my running time and making it through the workout, a super hot shower, Baily's sweet family prayer all by herself, family council meeting, love of Moroni, clean home, the call to have a background interview for job I really want but thought I didn't get, delicious dinner with new recipe (chicken pockets) and kids eating all of it without a fight, making special k bars with my kids and eating them!, kids helping me clean basement without a fight and having fun playing catch with them, my kid's laughter, reading with my kids, playing Uno Attack with B and her cracking up, B's sweet prayers, my awesome hubby, a wonderful day of keeping up with my "will" goals

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