Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Haunting Halloween

We had a pretty much perfect Halloween this year. I was really bummed that due to lack of finances, we weren't able to carry on our tradition of the whole family dressing up in a theme. But next year's gonna be so awesome it'll make up for this year- so just you watch! We spent the whole month and maybe even a little before that, celebrating Halloween with fun decorations, Halloween crafts & activities, Halloween movies every day and talk of Halloween every day. It's Baily and I's favorite holiday don't ya' know?! We had our ward trunk-or-treat the Wednesday previous to Halloween which I thought was awesome cuz that meant our kids got to use their costumes twice and trick-or-treat twice! Score! The ward party was so fun. There was a chili cook-off that I was bound and determined to win but it was not to be so. I blame it on the fact that I forgot to put it in a crockpot so it wasn't very warm. But the chili that did win was seriously to die for. Anyway, we all had a blast at that party. On Halloween day we spent the day time raking and burning leaves and after that the kids got ready and we went first around our block. All was well and the kids were loving it and having a blast. Then we decided to go with my dad and Patty and Eyan to a bigger, nice neighborhood and somewhere between home and there Baily decided she was mad and gonna be Eeyore. She was not happy. So she stayed in the van with Robert for a bit to cool down while me and little Pooh went trick-or-treating. He LOVED it and I must say it was the cutest thing ever. Everyone just oohed and aahed over how cute the little Pooh was and he just thought it was the best thing ever. Btw- we got their costumes for a combined total of... ready for this?... $5! Goodwill 50%off baby! Anyway, later on Baily decided to join us and finish off the block and then we headed home. We played some spooky hide and go seek in the dark which was so fun and then we all crashed pretty early. It was an awesome Halloween if I do say so myself... which I do;)
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