Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Success!

Friday November 27, 2009
4 am is when my alarm clock went off this morning. The plan was for Robert and I to leave at 4:30 to go to Wal-Mart and Target and my brother Jensen was going to come crash on our couch and watch our kids for us. We made our list, mapped out our routes and were all set and ready to go the previous night. Here's what actually happened. I finally got up at around 4:45 and Joaquin then woke up and apparently knew something was up because he would not go back to sleep. Drat. We thought about bringing him along but quickly realized that was dumb. So sadly and to my dismay Robert stayed with the kiddos and I headed off to face the madness that is Black Friday. I have gone once before this but had no money so it was pointless. Well we still didn't have much but somehow it worked out that we had a little extra this week so I got to have my first reall Black Friday shopping experience. Wal-Mart was my first stop. I got there about 20 after 5, 20 minutes after it opened and it was a madhouse. I managed to find everything on my list though and was stoked. After waiting about 30 minutes in line and going through the checkout I realized I didn't have my Visa. Great. So I had to wait there by the register while my husband got to bring me my card and Jensen got to stay with my kids after all. Ha ha... that's what he gets for thinking he got to sleep. After that stop and after Robert went home I headed to Target next. There were people there and it was busy but not crowded or crazy at all. The things I were looking for were gone at first but then after chasing some poor workers down I found a few of the "extras" of the items I wanted as was so excited. I headed home, changed my mind about some things, went back to the two stores a couple of times because I couldn't make up my mind and finally made it home, dragging (I was one tired momma!), around 10:30. I am so grateful for the awesome deals that they had this year. I got some rockin' deals and am so excited about Christmas. I am all done with my kids (except for stockings) and even got some other things we needed like snow boots and pajamas and a Christmas tree as well. It was a very successful trip and since most of my shopping's done already I think I will be able to enjoy the Christmas season much more this year and not be so stressed all the time. So you can say I am now a big fan of Black Friday shopping and plan on making it a yearly tradition;) I was pretty much dead for most of the rest of today. Jensen came by and brought us a Mr. & Mrs. Clause decoration for outside and ended up staying and hanging out for a bit. My kids adore their Uncle Jensen. He's so much fun for them and I just have to say that I adore my brother too. After he left I got a little more motivated and picked up my house and got it nice and tidy. We had an easy dinner, the kids got into their new Christmas jammies ($3 at Walmart thank you very much) and then we watched Christmas movies. On the list was the Grinch, Dennis the Menace Christmas (pretty cute actually) and now The Santa Clause. We are decorating our tree and house tomorrow and plan on making cookies and cocoa and possibly decorating a gingerbread house. Now all I need is snow! I'm so excited for Christmas season and plan on really enjoying it and focusing on the true Reason for the Season this year. Merry Christmas Season everyone!
Discussion Question:
How do you go about your Christmas shopping?

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