Sunday, November 29, 2009

According to Baily & Joaquin

*Joseph Smith = Taylor Swift
*Tinkerbells = Fireflys
*Mee-Tenzie = Mackenzie
*Squishy Hug = Bear Hug
*Horm = Warm
*Scrippers = Scriptures
*Hanna Montanic = Hanna Montana
*Corn Aliens = The movie Signs
*Stinky Beans = Flatulence
*Stirsty = Thirsty
*Yellow Circle in a White Circle = Fried Eggs
*Roundies = Roundabouts
*Deener = Dinner

*Ah Meen = Aw Man!
*Pah-yee = Potty
*Jus = Any kind of drink
*Cookie = Any kind of finger food
*Nigh nigh = Sleep time (Night night)
*Thuuh = Pizza or any other Food
*Chet-ter = Dog (my dad's dog's name is Chester and he thinks that's what all dogs are called)
*B = Baily
*Ba ba ball = Basketball
*Ba- ball = Football

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