Monday, January 21, 2008

366 Blessings

I kinda stole this idea from Janel's blog (sorry Janel), but I really like it. But instead of doing a blessing a week I'm gonna try to do a blessing a day for a year and since it's a leap this year that means 366 blessings. I'm going to try to not repeat any of them so I may have to be pretty specific. This goes right along with my goal of keeping a gratitude journal so I'm going to try to acknowledge one blessing, something I'm grateful for, each day. And since it's already the 20th I'm listing 20 of them today to get caught up. Thanks for the idea Janel!
#1- my testimony of the living reality of Jesus Christ
#2- Robert's love for me
#3- when Baily laughs
#4- Joaquin's toes
#5- my Boppy pillow
#6- my ward family
#7- The Book of Mormon
#8- laughing so hard my tummy hurts
#9- my kids' health
#10- fresh pineapple
#11- Visiting Teaching
#12- my little brother Zachary's sweet spirit
#13- my mom's letters
#14- sweet, juicy oranges
#15- when Baily plays and laughs with her daddy
#16- Heavenly Father's love for me
#17- Relief Society
#18- my down comforter
#19- the smell of Joaquin after he just had a bath
#20- Hymns


Emily Loria said...

This is a cute idea, and a great way to feel better if you are sad!

I love your list!

Janel said...

WEll I stole it from someone else, but I doubt anyone will mind,,,its all about the blessings!! :D

Malissa said...

This is so cute!! You have a great list...mine wouldn't be that good! Even though I am thankful of the same things as you...except not for Roberts right!! You're so creative!!