Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Resolutions/Goals

So this is posted on my sidebar but I wanted to post it here just once for a record of what my goals and resolutions are for this year. They were pretty much taken from last year's goals but I'm either still working on some or didn't accomplish some. I know it's a long list but I'm all about doing everything I can to improve and better myself... and there's a lot of room for that! I'll be reading this list often to make sure I'm on top of things and working on these goals constantly. And I want to mention that number one on this list... my number one resolution for 2008 is to work on developing more charity- to really focus on this characteristic in my biggest desire to be Christ-like.

* Read at least one chapter of the Book of Mormon every day* Daily Journal/Blog* Kneel daily in morning and nightly prayers* Keep Sabbath Day holy* Have a full fast every Fast Sunday* NO CAFFEINE SODA!!* Train and prepare to run Walt DisneyMarathon in January 2009* Weigh 135 by end of year through successfully completing BFL challenge and marathon training* Attend Temple once a week* Increase in Charity towards others* Weekly FHE* Weekly date night ** Find Babysitter!* Daily family scripture reading and prayer* Get teeth fixed* Eat fast food only once a week and out at a restaurant only once a week* Do monthly budget and stick to it!* After loans are paid NO MORE!!* Get debt paid off* Write letter, send card once a week to mom and send her something special first of month* Try to see Zach and Mackenzie at least twice a month* Increase in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ by succeeding in these goals* Read Ensign every month and at least one book* Keep house better cleaned and maintained* Weekly outing with Baily* Daily "Baily" and "Joaquin" time* Develop routine for Baily* Catch up and maintain Baily and Joaquin's baby books and scrapbooks as well as mine and Robert's* Get house completely organized* Go back to school in pursuit of RN Degree* Get new vehicle* Move into new home* Go on a family vacation* 1 new recipe a week* Have complete year supply and 72 hour emergency kit by end of year* Increase Missionary efforts* Genealogy/Temple Work


Julie said...

WOW you have some goals!!! Go Mamma, they are great goals! Gionni will be two in January, she is at such a fun age. Good luck on your RN by friend just finished and my sister in law is on her 2 semister of her pre req for school. Its a great job I worked in NUC MED Cardio for 6 years and Tempe St Luke. Love it but glad for a change by being home!

Clint & Karen said...

hey girl, they sound like great goals! One question, what is the BFL challenge?