Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Sure Gonna Miss Him...

I really love how I've seen so many tributes to Pres. Hinckley on so many blogs. I've read some of his awesome quotes and been even more touched by the amazing man and prophet he was. Oh how I loved Pres. Hinckley! He was the Prophet for 12 of my 24 years of life. I have been so touched by all he's done to build up the kingdom of God with the temples, by his awesome sense of humor, by how positive his outlook is on life, by how much he stressed faith, by his love for he Church, by his example he set with his family life, by his tireless efforts to lift up the Saints. There are so many ways I've been touched by this great man... I could go on forever. I was surprised by how well I took it and how calm I was when I heard about his passing on Sunday night. I'm so happy for him to be reunited with his sweet wife and I know all his hard work will not stop in furthuring the work of the Lord. But man am I sure gonna miss him. I will continue to keep posting my weekly Pres. Hinckley quotes throughout the year in his memory. Sorry but I had to copy this poem and quote from other blogs (sorry Malissa and Emily but these were just so great!). I'll miss you President Hinckley!

Put Your Trust In God
By: President Gordon B Hinckley
It isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is.
It all works out. Don't worry.
I say that to myself every morning.
It will all work out.
Put your trust in God,
and move forward with faith
and confidence in the future.
The Lord will not forsake us.
He will not forsake us.
If we will put our trust in Him,
if we pray to Him,
if we live worthy of his blessings,
He will hear our prayers.

“We are in a period of stress across the world. There are occasionally hard days for each of us. Do not despair. Do not give up. Look for the sunlight through the clouds. Opportunities will eventually open to you. Do not let the prophets of gloom endanger your possibilities.”

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