Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bi-Weekly Menu

Ok... so it's only a partial bi-weekly menu. And this is just an easy breezy, no special recipes, no bells and whistles menu. I know my baby's already about 3 weeks old so I don't have any excuse to be lazy but I'm taking my time getting back into the swing of things. Plus I'm gonna be starting my Body-for-LIFE routine in 2 weeks which takes a lot of planning and new recipes and stuff so this is just the calm before the storm menu. So pretty much I'm just posting this because it's habit... not in any hopes of someone using it or getting inspiration from it- sorry!

W- baked penne pasta, garlic bread
Th- chicken enchiladas, spanish rice
F- out for pizza
Sa- steak, baked potatos, veggies
Su- breakfast burritos
M- lemon chicken stir-fry, banana cream pie
Tu- spaghetti, garlic bread
W- chicken quesadillas
Th- out to eat- Rob's softball games

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