Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FHE with Baily

Happy Martin Luther Kind day yesterday! I have to be honest and say I've never really known too much about him but I do know he did a lot to promote freedom for ALL people and for that I think he's wonderful and deserves a National Holiday! So thank you Martin Luther King. Yesterday for us was pretty un-exciting. Mondays are usually busy with cleaning up the tornado that happened to my house over the weekend but yesterday I gotta say I did a good job at keeping things picked up over the weekend because I didn't really have much damage control to do. The day went by relatively smoothly. I spent a lot of time working with Baily for potty training... basically just setting her on the toilet every hour or so. Unfortunately we never got the timing right and she never actually went- she never has. Plus it wasn't every hour because she got sick of sitting on the potty and I didn't want to push it when she's screaming and fighting it. I got some good tips from my cousin and then last night on Jon & Kate Plus 8 though that I'm gonna put to good use today. BTW... I love that show. It's on TLC and it's about this family that had twins and then sextuplets. I can't imagine 6 of Baily and 2 older ones besides her! It's such a good show and really makes me appreciate what I have and I always get good ideas from it. Anyway on the show last night she was potty training her boys and the idea she had was to keep them on the toilet until they actually peed... even if it took up to an hour. She pumped them with fluids which my cousin told me and then when they went pee they got 1 M&M and poop 2 M&Ms. So I'm gonna try this idea today. I think once she actually goes she'll finally truly grasp this whole potty thing. I really want her to be potty trained by now! I got some really good bonding time with Joaquin last night before I gave him a bath. He was wide awake and I took like 30 minutes just to cuddle him and talk to him and he and I just totally bonded. He stared at me with such concentration and it seemed like he really knew what I was saying. And he was only in his diaper since I was getting him ready for his bath so I got to enjoy his adorable little body...the soft fuzzy hair all over his back and shoulders, his roly polys everywhere, his precious little ears, his sweet hands and feet- he's so perfect! For dinner we had some really good lemon chicken I made with jasmine rice. I love jasmine rice! We ate late because we watied for Robert to get home from work. After we ate I gave Joaquin his bath and like always he loved it! After we that we had FHE. Usually Robert and I have FHE while Baily runs around so this time I tried to do something that included her more. So I was excited when I looked in the Friend and saw the section for little friends. I knew it had to be simple and short and they had this little activity about our senses that Heavenly Father gave us that went over our senses and you did actions with each little phrase. It only took like 5 minutes at the most but she loved it. We explained to her that the reason we can smell and touch and taste and see and hear is because Heavenly Father made our bodies for us because He loves us. After that her and daddy colored the picture in the Friend and then Baily said the sweetest little prayer thanking Heavenly Father for all the wonderful things her body can do. Then we had banana cream pie for the treat and of course it was delicious! It was so simple but I think that last night was one of my favorite FHEs.
366 Blessings:
#21- Joaquin's rolls on his arms!!


Julie said...
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Julie said...

For the potty training we made Gionni a potty book I took a pic of the toilet, bathroom, sink toilet paper and her best buddy Elmo sitting on the potty put in in a flip book and we would read it while sitting and sitting on the potty, also for #2 if she would push and wait we would paint her toe nails (color of her choice) when see got good we had like six different colors! Cute pic of Joaquin litte sweet arm awh the sweetness of a new baby:)

Tamie said...

our pediatrician is a huge proponent of infant toilet training. something that i've heard about but not been too keen on.
we went to the doctor last week and i was talking with her about that b/c jack is 2 1/2 and about that age and she said that we are the only species that teaches our young that it is ok to sit in their own waste. kind of wierd if you actually do think about it.
however she suggests that you teach them the reason you go to the bathroom in the toilet: b/c no one wants to be around you if you smell and that it is uncomfortable to sit in your own waste.
she told us to put undwear on our guy and let him feel how uncomfortable it is to be wet and to feel that. (i know that girls are easier to do that with than boys b/c it runs down their legs and most girls don't want to be icky like that anyways)
when it comes down to it: take it easy!! (like you are) i tried to train my older one right after jack was born b/c he was 2 1/2 and that just did NOT work and i got mad (love those after-pregnancy hormones!) and he did and it wasn't good. just go at your own pace and don't worry too much...it'll come eventually.
btw: haven't started w/ jack yet, but i'll keep you posted. :)

Malissa said...

I think you're doing fine...introduce it for a few days, then really do it...push fluids like crazy, then I set the timer for like every 15 min til she really goes, then set it for like every hour. Good luck, it's gonna be a tough week or two!!

Emily Loria said...

TAMIE! I read your comment and died! I have heard of this infant toilet training, even read a book on it, and unless you want your house smelling like urine (because you keep the baby naked most of the time, and you are never constantly near a toilet) I just don't see why a new parent should stress about something like that! Crazy. Don't stress Jack, he'll do it eventually.

Sarah, your FHE looks like fun! I love John and Kate plus 8, but sometimes Kates attitude bugs me (I think I would be cranky if I had 8 kids too, so you can;t be too judgemental.) Her kids are darling!

PS-- I also love your blessing #21