Monday, January 21, 2008

Wasting Time but Enjoying Life

Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing but waste a lot of time. I had plans to go to the temple, clean out my closet and get my room completely gutted and organized and other little things. Did I do any of them? That's a big fat no. What did I do instead? Well I couldn't tell you much but I know it was a whole lotta watchin' of the boob tube. By the end of the day I felt like smashing the tv because I hate how whenever I give in and watch it I get sucked in and then like 6 hours later I'm like where the crap did all that time go?! However I do have to defend myself a little bit by saying that we really couldn't go anywhere since we have no money and therefore have to preserve what gas we have as well as not being able to afford to do anything in the first place. We told poor Baily we would take her to the park but never went partly due to it being pretty chilly out. I kept saying all day that I wanted to get out but never really did. We enjoyed a fantastic lunch of mac and cheese and watched The Bourne Supremacy which was really good. So in more defense of myself I was spending time with my family which is good. I knew Robert didn't really want to go anywhere and just wanted to veg so part of my laziness was in part due to giving into my husband's desire. For dinner my sweet niece bought us a wonderful Barro's pizza because we all know the Dominguez family can't go without pizza for a whole week by all means. One of these days we're gonna be able to buy her stuff instead of her always buying us stuff. I hate being poor! We were blessed to have someone loan us some dough so we could actually have food to eat so the Bug and I headed to Safeway late last night to get some goods. Of course Baily had a blast driving her car cart so we were there for a while. I felt bad about not taking her to the park and being at home all day so I let her drive around the store 'till her little heart was content. Even though I have some justification of wasting time all day I hated feeling like a total bump on a log at the end of the day so I don't see this happening any time again soon. Maybe a little bit of vegging, but not a whole day.

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