Friday, January 18, 2008

Freezing our Patooty's Off!!

Yesterday was a very, very cold day and being the crazy woman I am, I was outside for a lot of it. Even though I have Eskimo blood in me I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to cold weather. Maybe it's because I live in one of the hottest cities in the world. Although I do have to say that I've changed ever since I first got pregnant to preferring cold over heat. Anyway yesterday was park day and being the dedicated park goer I am, I braved the freezing cold weather and went with my friend. Apparently I'm not the only crazy mom and dedicated park day fan. There were plenty of other moms with their kids there as well and we all froze together. The kids had fun for the most part except for being cold. Baily's poor nose was so runny and the snot kept freezing to her face. I had Joaquin so bundled up he was actually sweating so I know he wasn't too cold. Needless to say we didn't stay too long and me and some of the other moms headed to Del Taco where the kids could play where it wasn't -14.3 degrees. Ok... maybe just like 50 degrees but that's freezing for around here. Anyway we had fun talking and laughing and just enjoying some social time above the 2 year old level... at least I did anyway. After we got home me and my babies all took a nice long nap. After Robert got home he had a quick bite to eat, I fed the baby and Robert, Baily and I were off to Robert's softball game. We left Joaquin with his mom to save him from getting frostbite. These were the first games we were able to go to of this season and it was fun. But man was it cold!! Baily had a friend to play with and she was having a blast. She was totally bundled up with hat and gloves and everything. Her friend was like 8 or 9 I think and basically just took Baily under her wing and acted like her big sister. It was so sweet. The guys won their first game and it was a really good game. They played the same team for their second game and ended up with an upsetting loss after being ahead for most of the game. Robert got his knee and his shoulder hurt from some pretty rough plays. I'm sure I'll be hearing about it for weeks. Crazy old guys! After we got home Baily's choice of video was Polar Express. I think it fit the weather of the day. We were gonna have hot chocolate but we were too tire to make it. Joaquin did pretty well for his Abuela but got a little fussy for about the last half hour. He only drank like 2 oz. from a bottle- he really hates formula. So when I got home he was ready to chow down. He really loves his momma and I know it sounds weird but I could tell he missed me. I love that! So yeah... I froze my patooty off most of the day yesterday but it was a really good day.


Malissa said...

They are crazy old guys! I can't believe you went, I was freezing in my house, and the heat was on at 71!! So I could only imagine how cold it was!!

Becca said...

I can relate with the cold. This morning after Lauren was married we went to take pictures and stupid me wore a skirt and no jacket. I was dying! We were out there for like 30 minutes why did the cold have to move in for her wedding day? Good for you for braving it, I hate the cold! And yay! to Robert for winning his game.