Thursday, January 24, 2008

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

So yesterday I felt very tired and moved very slow all day. We got up late and had a late start to the day. I would say I was lazy all day yesterday but I did get things done- just way later than I usually do. Like I didn't make the bed until 5 along with getting the house picked up. Baily did really well for potty training... for the first 5 minutes of the day. Right after she woke up she went pee pee and we were both really proud of that. After that she wanted nothing at all to do with the potty. She kept saying "mowwow mom" meaning tomorrow. I guess that's partially my procrastination self's fault because whenever I don't want to do something right away when she asks me I tell her we'll do it tomorrow. When I tried to force the potty she had a major meltdown... not a good idea on my part. It definitely felt like we had taken 1 step forward and 2 steps back. She was majorly anti-potty for the rest of the day yesterday. Who knows... maybe she was feeling tired too. I think my allergies are starting to kick up so maybe she's got the same problem. Whatever it was I was not about to try to force it anymore after the meltdown. I may have to come to terms that she' s just not ready yet. We'll see. So as always, it was a boring Wednesday and sorry for the boring Wednesday post. Ciao.

366 Blessings:
#23- When Robert kisses me passionately with his big, soft lips. Mmmm...

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Malissa said...

So welcome to my world everyday. I never make the bed til about 3 or 4, right when I know Tonio will be home! Just keep trying with the potty...she'll get it eventually!!