Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

Yesterday just sort of flew by in a blur. By the end of the day I found myself asking just where does the time go? Robert asked me when we were going to sleep what I did all day and I could barely remember. In the morning we had a good breakfast and then we read our family scriptures and had family prayer. I think it will work better doing it in the mornings when Robert works late since we don't really have time after he gets home from work at night. I think we'll be much more consistent doing it this way. After we dropped him off at work it was just normal daily routine stuff and it takes more time I've realized than I plan on it taking. I spent a good chunk of the day blogging and writing my mom's letter and during all this I kept up with feedings, changings and playing. Other than that I can't really remember anything else. We got to pick up Robert early from work since he got off early for his first church basketball game. Yep... it's church ball season. I always hear wives and mothers complain about this time of year but I love it. I love having somewhere to get out of the house without having to spend money and I love cheering my husband on. It was fun last night at his game and Robert did awesome- better than I've ever seen him play. I really think he scored the most points on his team last night. They won their game by forfeit since the team they were supposed to play didn't even show up. They ended up playing the singles ward just for fun even though the singles ward had already played. And they won! It was an intense game- just like I like 'em. Baily had fun as always cheering everyone on and Joaquin just slept. And of course, there was a little bit of drama which always happens when a certain someone (I won't mention names) from our ward shows up. But it all worked out in the end. It was a fun night. After we got home we had a hearty meal of Ramen for dinner. It's surprising though how good Ramen can be if you haven't had it for a while. I know... I'm really slacking in the cooking department. I'll do better though. I'm not sure how the time flies by so fast in my life but I do love every fast paced minute of my life!

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Alex said...

You're the coolest family. Time will start to go slower as soon as those two are in their teens, I'm sure. Lol. Love ya sista!