Sunday, January 06, 2008

Busy Little Family

On Saturday our family were quite the busy bees. We had a lot that needed to be done and since Robert was home all day I took full advantage of his time. We started off going to Big Lots and then to K-Mart to get a crib mattress and a storage bin for some moving stuff we had to do. Then we decided to go on our date for date night early since we had so much to do that day. And plus we didn't have money for a baby-sitter so we wanted to go when it wouldn't be that busy since we had to little ones with us. We got a Chili's giftcard for Christmas so we decided to use that for our date. It wasn't exactly romantic since we had 2 kids with us, it was during the middle of the day and we looked like scrubs, but it was nice anyway. I got my favorite dish there- the Monterey Chicken. Mmmmm... it's sooo good. Seriously- if you've never had it you have to try it! After we ate we came home and got to work. I'm ashamed to admit it, but we barely got around to taking our Christmas tree and decorations down on Saturday. It was up a lot longer than I wanted but I couldn't do it by myself and we just didn't have a chance any time before this. So once we finally got the tree down and decorations put away it was goodbye Christmas and it felt good to get that done. After we were done with this we had to do some moving and thinking to find a place to put up Joaquin's crib. We are so crowded in this house it's ridiculous. But we managed to make room for the crib at the bottom of our bed. We weren't able to attach the changing table and dresser that go with it but as soon as we move we'll be able to attach it. I didn't really help that much since I was feeding Joaquin and dealing with a napless Baily but Robert worked hard and did a great job putting it together. It looks great and Joaquin loves his new bed. And his mommy and daddy love having a place for him to sleep at night instead of in their bed. Once that was done we were sooo tired. We were just plain beat. We planned on going for a walk but we were rained out. Instead I just made a quick trip to the store and to Blockbuster. I used Robert's giftcard (at his request BTW) and rented the final episodes of Lost Season 3. We've forgotton a lot of what happened last episode and we're trying to get prepared for the new season starting on Jan. 31st. We're so excited! We only made it through one of the episodes though before we were all passed out. What a busy little day!

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