Sunday, January 06, 2008

Getting Organized

Friday was a busy, good day. I spent the day getting my planner and calendars all caught up and ready for the new year. I went over my goals and made some plans of actions to actually get them accomplished. It always feels so good to be organized and on top of things after being out of it for a while. I also did some marathon reading in The Book of Mormon. Sadly I was about 4 or 5 days behind. My reading goals have changed since then which I'll talk about later but it felt good to be caught up in my reading and to have that instant spiritual boost I always get when I read the BOM. Baily and I also did some major grocery shopping since I was out of everything and really hadn't been shopping in about a month. We rushed home to get the frozen and refrigerated stuff put away and feed Joaquin (Robert's mom was watching him for me) and then go pick up Robert at work. It was Friday and since we had promised Baily we would actually go for pizza instead of just bringing it home we couldn't let her down. She was excited about it all day. When we got to Barro's we were disappointed to find it packed and there was no room for us to sit in our usual area- the kid's play area. So we decided to go to Peter Piper instead. It was quite the feat to get Baily out of Barro's but we finally convinced her that we weren't going home but to another pizza place where she could play. Unfortunately Peter Piper isn't exactly cheap but it was really good and Baily had a blast. We didn't have any other kids with us to help her play in the play area but she was brave enough to just ask the kdis that were already there to help her get up those big steps. By the time we left she was soaked in sweat and stinky and filthy but she had so much fun and I love seeing her so happy. It was a really good Friday.

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