Monday, January 14, 2008

Pizza Friday

Friday was pay day which means a busy day of budgeting and paying bills for myself. I took Robert to work since I had to run a few errands. I felt kinda like a sloth on Friday because I was pretty tired and went at a very slow pace all day. Baily seemed tired as well but ended up taking forever to fall asleep for a nap and it ended up being a really late nap. I'm not sure what else we did since I don't really remember but we did stick to our tradition and our Pizza Friday. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it specifically but I'm sure you've noticed that around here Friday is Pizza Day. Somehow Baily knows this all too well and as soon as she wakes up on Friday mornings she's asking for her pizza. I know Baily wanted to go and play but she's been having a cough and runny nose so I didn't feel good about taking her out. So we just picked up some Barro's pizza and ate at home. It was good eatin' and Baily was very content with her pizza. And that's all I remember about Friday.

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Malissa said...

That's so great that even Baily knows the friday night routine! We have Friday KFC night...I love it!!