Monday, January 14, 2008

A Day of Play & Movies

Yesterday was a day full of fun and no pressure... just enjoying time with my family. In the morning we picked up Zach and Kenzie so we could hang out and celebrate Zach's birthday a little more. We started with a delicious breakfast at IHOP and Zach got to open his presents from my mom. He loved the book and the Astronaut Bear she made for him. He also loved his breakfast so that was a good idea to go to IHOP. Baily and Kenzie had fun hanging out together and Joaquin did what he does best- slept. After we ate we rushed to my Aunt's house as we were expecting a call from my mom. We were all so sad and disappointed that she wasn't able to call when we had planned and even more bummed out when we found out she called right after we left. I know she was looking forward to that call all week and it kills me to know when she's hurting. I know it must have been a rough day for her and I prayed for her all day. After we left my aunt's house we went to the park where Zach could skate at the skate area and the girls could play on the playground. We didn't have much time though since I had to get them back to their grandparents. Zach did have a blast and seemed so happy and content which made me so happy. Mackenzie was so bummed that we had to take her back and it broke my heart. But I promised her she could spend the night in 2 weeks and we would have a blast. All in all though we had a good time and I'm glad we got to spend that time together. After we dropped them off we came home and the rest of the day was spent doing nothing but watching movies and totally relaxing which is just what I needed. I thought of a million things I could be doing and getting done but I decided to let it go and just enjoy some down time with my family. At first we watched from about the middle to the end of the movie How To Eat Fried Worms that was on tv. It was so cute. I remember my teacher reading that book to us in 4th grade and the movie was just as good as the book. After that we watched another movie that was on tv called Music and Lyrics. It was pretty funny and a cute romantic comedy. While we were watching these movies Baily had a blast playing with all her toys without me picking up after her and making her pick up after herself like I usually make her do all the time. I really did let go. After that we walked to Blockbuster and rented a couple more movies and grabbed some grub for cheap at Burger King. Then we came back home and watched some more movies. We watched half of Barnyard (way cute BTW) until Baily crashed. She hadn't had a nap so she was out by 8:30. After she fell asleep Robert and I watched Bourne Identity. We've been wanting to watch the 3rd one that just came out but we didn't remember the other 2 so we started with the 1st one first. It was really good. After it was over we were exhausted from our hard day of playing and movie watching and we were out. I rarely have days like these where I do nothing productive so this was a nice break.


Malissa said...

I love movie night!! It's the BEST!

Alex said...

I wish I could've been there for the lil sibs, but I guess duty calls now that I'm like an adult, yo. Love ya sista lynch, have fantastic fun!