Saturday, January 19, 2008

So Fun!

Yesterday was a really fun Friday. I thought it would be a long, boring day since I had no money and Robert took the van but it actually went by pretty fast. I kept myself busy with the daily chores of laundry and cleaning and babies and it pretty much took up the whole day. It was still pretty chilly out but warm enough for Baily and Tyler to go out back and enjoy some fun times with their Abuela. She's such a great Grandma and I'm so grateful Baily is blessed to have her as her Grandma. I love my MIL so much! It took quite a while for me to get all dressed up along with the kids for my cousin's wedding reception since Robert was at work and I didn't have any help, so I started early enough so I could take my time and not stress. Robert's sister dropped us off and Robert met us there a little bit later after he got off work. So yeah it was my cousin Lauren's wedding reception. She looked gorgeous and her new husband seems like he's so sweet and just a real nice guy. I'm so happy for her... she's such a sweetheart. The decorations were gorgeous, the food was great and the music was fantastic. I was a little dissappointed that us and my cousin Aaron and his family were the only ones there from the Willis side of the family but it was good to see them at least. Baily and I had a blast dancing the cha cha slide (every wedding needs to have this dance... so much fun!!), and the chicken dance. It was such a fun reception which is always good for a Mormon reception. (Sorry but most of the time they're so boring!) It was so sweet when my uncle danced with Lauren (her dad) and he just broke down in tears... it was seriously the sweetest thing. We had such a fun time! After we got home we hung out for a bit. I was getting pretty frustrated with Baily since she was being kinda naughty so we went to bed soon after. I forgot what it was like to have to deal with TOM and the moodiness that goes with it! Oh well... it was a really fun day all in all!


Emily Loria said...

Everyone looks so cute all spiffied up! I love the hearts Miss Baily!

Becca said...

I'm so glad you guys came. It's hard to believe Baily is ever naughty because she was so good Friday night. She is such a cute little girl, and I loved being able to hold Joaquin, he is one awesome baby! Thanks for coming and supporting Lauren and Tyler it was nice having our side of the family represented.

Julie said...

Way to go mamma everyone looked very cute! We love our Grandma too we feel blessed they both live in town.