Thursday, March 06, 2008

I heart American Idol!!

Yesterday went pretty well. I felt energized and productive and I got a lot done as far as the house goes in the morning. I did laze around and watch tv with Baily for a while but it was sweet. We just cuddled up and had fun laughing and giggling together which I love. I took them to the park again and it was a little breezy but nice. There were some other kids there and Baily had fun playing with her new "fwends." She kept running sprints all over the field. I don't know if you can tell but she's way in the back of this picture. She did a lot of running. After we got home and I got dinner started she passed out... she definitely wore herself out at the park. American Idol was really good again. This definitely has to be the best week so far- one of my favorite seasons so far. Brooke was my favorite and I really liked Carly Smithson. I was not a big fan of hers at first but she's growing on me. Plus the song she sang is like one of my very favorites (the Cyndi Lauper version though). My picks to go home are Amanda for sure and either Kady or Kristy Lee. For dinner we had some delicious chicken salad croissants. Baily woke up for dinner and since she had like a 2 hour nap so late it took her quite a while to fall asleep. She was playing with my hair (which I love) for like an hour while we were in bed. She finally fell asleep though sometime after Robert and I did. And that's my day. The end.

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Malissa said...

SOunds like a nice day! I haven't started watching IDOL yet. I like to wait til it narrows down a bit! But I did like Brooke the one time I did watch! Hope things are going good 4 u!!

Beau said...

Hey Sis, I love ya and miss you guys. Im so excited to see you guys when you come up here. It will be a fun week. Im more excited that Mom gets to see you. She is gonna be so happy. She needs a little happiness in her life right now. But, as you can understand, I am stoked to be getting married!! In 11 days! Wahoo! Anywho, Im really liking your house Sis. I love the bar in your kitchen. And all the room! Great work! Again, love you! ciao!