Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top O' the Morning To Ya!

Monday March 17
Monday was St. Patrick's day which is always a special day to me because yep... I'm Irish! It may just be a little bit but my dad brought me up to be proud of that little bit and I'm proud of the little bit of Irish in me. I was bummed when I found out in the morning that my mom's visit for that day had been cancelled since she had a medical appointment. The only good thing about that however is that Baily got to sleep in which she desperately needed. So after we got our sleep on and woke up, we got all gussied up in our best green dress and went shopping. I tackled Wal-Mart first and then after I came back and put the food up I decided to take my kids to the mall so they could play in the awesome play area I remembered they had. Well much to mine and Baily's dismay, they took the play area down and put up a stupid arcade. I did not want to pay for entertaining my daughter- what are they thinking?! Anyway, Baily ate some Chik-Fil-A and we went back to the house. We did what you do at Aunt Konny's and watched more movies. Baily was in love with all her choices and we got to watch some fun ones that I've been wanting her (and myself as well) to see for a while. While we were there she fell in love with the movie 101 Dalmations and we had to watch that every night before she went to sleep. Anway, all the pics are of my guest quarters at Aunt Konny's house. She has a huge tv downstairs with tons of movies to choose from and lots of Love Sacs (think bean bags but so much better and more comfortable) and blankets and pillows. It rocks! Monday was the much anticipated day that Beau and Eben were finally gonna be there. I decided to make everyone dinner (by this time I was so sick of fast food) and I kept it festive with Shepherd's pie and rolls and punch. Sadly Beau and Eben got there a lot later than we had hoped for so we had to eat dinner without them. But once they got there we were so stoked (especially Baily) and they enjoyed my nice dinner I made for them. After all were fed and satisfied Joaquin was sleeping so he stayed at the house with Aunt Konny and Baily, Beau, Eben and I went to go check out the soon to be newlyweds new apartment. Eben hadn't seen it yet so she was pretty excited. Beau picked it out all on his own and I must say he did a great job. It's the perfect, cute little starter apartment for them. And it's super cheap which is always great for newlyweds. It was so cute- Beau picked up Eben and carried her in just like you would see in a movie. And he had their first plant/flower as a housewarming gift for her with the cutest card labeled "my Ebenly." Awww... my husband could take some tips from my brother. After we finished checking it out and Baily ran around the house like a crazy child we headed back to my Aunt's and crashed for the day.

366 Blessings:
#77- Home-cooked meals

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