Monday, March 31, 2008

Beau and Eben got hitched!!

Friday March 21
So the big day finally came. And what a day it was. It started super early with me waking up and having a final chat with my brother as a single man. He was quite the nervous boy I must say. He could barely put his toothepaste on his toothbrush he was so And before I knew it he was off. As I looked at my kids sleeping so peacefully I could feel the pain in the gut of my stomach knowing what was to come when I had to wake them... or her I should say. My gut instinct was right. Baily was HORRIBLE. I really could use a book on how to handle a daughter who's terrible two with a vengeance. She did not get enough sleep at all and she was rotten. It as a huge battle to get her dress on and she was crying the whole way up to the temple. Eben's sister agreed to watch my kids while I was in the temple at the sealing but when we got there we couldn't find her and were pretty lost. So thankfully Janea agreed to watch them for me but I was having a hard time deciding to go in to the actual sealing because I felt so bad for Janea caring for my naughty little girl. But I knew I couldn't miss the sealing so I went. And it was also fa-reezing outside and I was dumb and forgot to bring my stoller so the long walk from where we parked to the temple wore us all out. But oh... how sweet and healing the spirit of the temple is. I prayed my heart out while in there that my kids would be behaved and Janea would be ok with them and I felt a peace that it would be fine. This was the first time I had been in the Salt Lake temple besides to do baptisms a long time ago. It's beautiful- stunning. I got to sit in on Beau's side during the sealing so that was very special to me. The sealing was beautiful and the man who sealed them gave them wonderful advice and council. And kinda cool- he had served a mission in Sweden just like Eben. He said when he heard that she had served there his love for her grew even more. There were quite a few people there and the spirit was so strong. I definitely felt my Grandma & Grandpa Willis's presence there. Eben looked gorgeous and Beau was glowing. It was a moment I'll never forget. And it was great to have the reminder of the blessings and covenants as I thought about my eternal marriage. After the sealing we had to go out to the freezing cold. I was happy to hear that my kids were well behaved and everything went fine. However, when I showed up Baily decided to not be happy at all. It totally stressed me out. My cousin Amy bought all the little girls (8 of them!) matching dresses and accessories and they were so cute. That was so sweet and generous of her. They tried to get a picture of Beau and Eben with all the matching girls and Baily was not having it. I even had to stand behind Eben's dress to hold Baily's hand for a picture but it was not good. It was freezing and she would not cooperate with the pictures and I just felt so stressed. After we finished with the pictures we trekked our way up to the van (I rode with Aunt Kathy and Janea) and on the drive back to Orem I lost it. I couldn't hold back the tears. I was stressed about Baily and missing my mom and wanting her to be part of all this... I was just a mess. But after long hard prayer and the comfort of being with my Aunt and cousin, I was doing ok. We stopped by the house for a quick change of clothes and then we went and met my Aunt Konny and Deb at The Training Table for lunch. Baily was doing better by then. She absolutely adored Emery and Kaden (Janea's kids) and they played so cute together. This is them at the parking lot of the restaurant. Anyway, lunch was good. After we were filled we went back to my Aunt's house and got it all gussied up for the open house later that day. Baily had started acting up again and I just couldn't handle it and didn't know what to do. Right then my mom called and I just lost it. It was special though because she got to give me mother advice and really be there for me when I needed her most. I was grateful for that moment. The open house was set up in Aunt Konny's backyard. Eben's family made soup, rolls and punch and some delicious cookies. There was also candy and nuts. It had warmed up a lot by then and the open house was great. There was lots of friends and family there. Baily took a nap during it which was wonderful. After most everyone left and it was just family Beau and Eben opened up their gifts. While they were openining my mom called so it was good that she got to talk to them on their wedding day. Eben's new step-dad decorated their car so cute... with tin cans and everything. It was so sweet. Beau and Eben were glowing and I can't tell you how perfect they are for each other. I'm just so happy for them as I'm sure everyone is. After everyone left and everything got cleaned up Aunt Kathy and her crew and us just chilled and watched movies. I think Beau and Eben finally got on the road towards Eden where they honeymooned at like 9 that night. Crazy kids. It was a little rough at times but it was a truly glorious day and one I will never forget! Congrats Beau and Eben Holwick!!

366 Blessings:
#81- Beau and Eben's Sealing


Malissa said...

Your post make me happy and cry a little for you... it'll get better! She won't always be so stubborn!!

Becca said...

yay for pictures!!! Thank you!! I'm so excited for tomorrow. :)