Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blessing of Great Joy!

Sunday was wonderful. It was the day of Joaquin's baby blessing. I woke up early and cooked like crazy to prepare for the luncheon following the blessing. After all that was done I had to get my kids and myself nice and prettied up for church. Once I got all that done we headed out. Baily of course wanted to ride with Grandpa. We stopped at my MIL's house to drop off the food and to change Joaquin in to his adorable outfit. I was so grateful that Cande gave us the money to get his sweet blessing outfit. It was a little on the big side but the size under that would have been too small. Oh well... I still think he looked precious. There were 2 baby blessings and Joaquin's was first. I'm so grateful I have a husband who worthily holds the Priesthood to be able to bless our kids. It was a very sweet blessing. The men who stood in the circle were Robert, Gerald, Bishop Petralmalo, Bro. Chapman, Bro. Hitchcock, Toni, and Rob's uncles' Carlos, Victor and Armando. The testimony meeting was awesome and full of the Spirit and tears. I was able to bear my testimony one last time in that ward which was very special to me. Robert's Tio Carlos also bore his testimony about his conversion story and how he was the first in his family to join the Church. He talked about where it led him and how now there are so many of his family that are members. I personally am so grateful that he joined the Church because it led to my husband being a member and he's everything to me. It was a very powerful and moving testiomony. Robert was the last to bear his testimony after some urging by yours truly and it was a very sweet testimony. He never gets up there so it meant a lot to me to hear his testimony of the gospel. All the testimonies born in between us were awesome as well... this was probably one of the best fast and testimony meetings I've ever been to. After Sacrament meeting most of us headed over to my MIL's house for the luncheon. All of us except for Baily that is. She was not going to leave that building until after she went to "usuwee" (nursery). I felt bad leaving her while we were gone but I talked to Sis. Atwood and she said that would be fine. It was Baily's last time to go to Nursery in that ward and I know we're all gonna miss it. I know there will never be a nursery as great at 61st Wards. They always have the best activities planned and the cutest hand-outs each week. This is Sis. Atwood, Baily's favorite. Ever since Baily first started going to nursery she would run straight to Sis. Atwood as soon as she got in there. We'll miss it for sure! Anyway, while she was in nursery we enjoyed a really nice luncheon at my MIL's house. My cousin Lindy and her adorable little girl, all the uncles that were at the blessing, Gerald and Rachelle, Emely, Loren and her boys, Andre, Rob's cousin Perla and her kids and of course Cande and Martha were all there. Cande got some really good sub sandwiches and I brought pasta and potato salad, chips, punch and brownie sundays... good eatin' for sure! Robert picked Baily up and she had fun with all the little kids. One by one everyone started leaving and eventually we headed out home too. After we got home and changed Robert wanted to take a walk out by the lake by our house to see if we could fish there. It was a very blustery day as Pooh would say and pretty dang chilly. It was still nice to have some quiet family time though. When we got home we thawed out and got the kids to bed. After they were finally asleep Rob and I watched the 3rd and 4th episodes of the Heroes first season. It's getting pretty good. It's really graphic though but we really like it. Robert and I ended up having a major "discussion" and we finally fell asleep. It was a really good day full of blessings of great joy!

366 Blessings:
#62- The Priesthood.


Julie said...

I agree it was also one of the best Fast Sundays, both your and Robert's testimony were so good, and his uncle, he really made me feel so greatful for the gospel,

Tamie said...

i LOVE Hero's....i'm glad you're catching on. it is rather intersting. and for sure NOT a children's program. but if you like comics and stuff...it is pretty great. when it is on TV we jsut cannot miss it...one of the few shows that we love.
i'm glad that you had such a wonderful sunday with blessing jouaquin (i know i'm going to have to get that spelling down!) and being with family. i love those moments in life too.

Malissa said...

Sunday was awesome!! I'm so glad we made it!! We had a blessing at 12:30 in Gilbert, then we raced back to our ward for Joaquin...I did not want to miss it! Robert did great...it was a beautiful day! You all looked gorgeous...as always!! I love you! I'm glad you guys talked!