Monday, March 10, 2008

Going and going and going...

On Saturday I felt like my family was the Energizer Bunny. We just kept going and going and goin... We originally had planned on going up to Show Low to finalize some plans and get stuff done for Beau's wedding reception and to celebrate mine and my Abuelita's birthdays. But due to ridiculous gas prices and lack of moolah we weren't able to go and I was so bummed about that. But it ended up being a good weekend regardless. So Saturday morning I was on the phone all morning trying to get wedding plans done. When I was done with that I hurried up and got me and my kids ready and then our little family went to a local school carnival we found out about in the paper. We had to walk through the school to get to the back where the carnival was and it brought back all the fun memories of elementary school I have. The atmosphere was so fun and seeing all the happy teachers interact with all the children made me really want to be an elementary school teacher. Anyway, everything was really cheap and we had a lot of fun. Baily got a lady bug painted on her face that she was so excited about. She never wanted that done before at other functions we'd been to but I think seeing all the other kids get it done motivated her. She also got to jump in one of those giant jumpy things we of course she loved. We got yummy nachos, popcorn, soda and cotton candy and all this was only $7. Wahoo! I'm all about cheap fun. Joaquin just chilled in his carrier with his dad as you can see. After we left there we headed into the city for a long day. First stop was my MIL's house. We hung out for a bit and then my SIL Martha wanted to take me to this little furniture shop to show me this sofa. I told her I loved it and she bought it for us! How awesome is that?! That was so sweet of her and I really appreciate it. On our way into town I got a call from my friend Malissa to schedule our family pictures later that day. It had been planned but cancelled so I wasn't planning on it when we left the house. But due to Malissa's wonderful understanding and generosity we were able to keep the plans to take the pictures that day. The only problem was that the matching clothes for Robert and Joaquin were at home and I looked like poop. I didn't want to lose this opportunity so I came up with the solution to get the clothes we needed, use them quickly for the photo shoot and return them afterward to save us the gas and the trip back home and back to Mesa and the money from buying new clothes. Ghetto, I know. But we did what we had to do and it worked out well. So anyway after we got the sofa we were treated to lunch from El Pollo Loco from my MIL. We're so spoiled, I know. After that I went to a certain store, got the clothes and some makeup for me we needed, I came back to my MIL's, we got ready and then we went to the temple. It was beautiful out and the atmosphere was great. Even though I think I looked like poo and Baily was being grumpy and difficult and Joaquin kept dozing off and on, I think Malissa did an A-MAZING job with our family pics and I love them. She's truly awesome. Here's her link for her business. I HIGHLY recommend her if you ever want awesome pictures done.
After we finished up there we went and payed a bill, went and returned the clothes to said certain store, went back by my MIL's house so Robert could put up a picture for
her, stopped by Safeway to get my soda but they didn't have it (grrr...), drove back to Maricopa, stopped at Blockbuster to get disc 2 of Heroes (we didn't realize there were 4 episodes when we mailed it back- grrr...), stopped by Basha's to get my soda (they had it-yay!), and finally got home. It was a very long day so it felt so good to be home sweet home. We ate our frozen pizza and got the kids to bed and even though I thought I'd be too tired we watched 2 episodes of Heroes. I have to admit that I think this is my new favorite show. It's so good. I think I may even like it more than Lost since it actually answers questions. And Hiro is my favorite character. He's so cute! And that's how my busy, busy Saturday went.
366 Blessings:
#68- Having had great elementary school teachers growing up

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