Sunday, March 16, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Ok so obviously I'm pretty behind on my blogging... like 3 weeks behind. Not good. My memory isn't the best so these backtracking blogs are probably gonna leave out a lot of detail that I would normally blog about but that's my own fault. Plus there won't be as much visuals as normal since I'm trying to get this caught up as quick as possible. At least there's lot's of pictures!
Friday March 14
Ok so this was a very long and treacherous, but much anticipated day. It started off ridiculously early. Our flight was at 6am sharp so we had to leave the house by 4 which meant getting up at 3:30. Not fun. I thought Baily would sleep in the car, on the plane and in the car again on the drive from Salt Lake to Orem but not so much. She was awake and excited the whole time. She did really well though for as tired as she must have been. However- I really think that this whole experience with messing up her sleep schedule big time really added to her very naughty behavior the whole time we were in Utah. It was sad saying bye to my hubby as it always is whenever I leave him for trips. I hate his work. And even though it's pretty difficult traveling alone with 2 kids under age 3 with strollers, diaper bags and crazy security (taking off shoes, blankets, backpacks, unfolding the stroller and carseat... urghhh), it actually all went pretty smoothly. I really like Southwest. They're very sympathetic to mothers with young kids. And since there were extra seats on the flight they even let me take Joaquin's car seat on flight so I wouldn't have to hold him the whole time. Score! Baily was really excited this time of flying (she's flown lots of times before) and was especially delighted when she got her fun kid's flight pack and colored pencil. It was fun seeing her so excited about "fying on da airpane." My Aunt Konny and her roomate Deb picked us up and had a few errands to run in Salt Lake. By the time we finally got to my Aunt Konny's house (my lodging for the long trip) I was too pooped to poop. I was TIRED! Luckily my kids were as well so we got some good napping in. For most of the day we watched movies (my Aunt has over a thousand DVD's- no exaggeration) and just chilled. While Baily took a long nap I got to finish watching the first season of Heroes. I LOVE that show! It's awesome. My brother Beau was up in Washington picking up his then fiance Eben as well as going to her mom's wedding. And I just have to mention that I met her mom's new husband and he's an amazing and very sweet man. I'm so happy for Desiree (Eben's mom). But even though he was gone he was a big help to me by leaving me his truck to get around in, gas money to fill it up and even some groceries he got for me. Isn't he the sweetest?! I wasn't sure what to do for dinner so I called around to some of my cousins that live up there and got lucky by getting invited to dinner at one of my favorite cousin's Amy's house for dinner. She was always the funnest cousin that baby-sat us and was so fun to play with. She has 4 girls and is pregnant with the 5th and she's still so much fun. Oh I just love her! Plus her brothers, my cousins Daniel and Farrin were there as well so it was fun to catch up and enjoy some good food. Baily wasn't quite sure what to do with all those girl cousins but she had so much fun. They have a pet crawfish that they call a lobster and they had fun feeding it cat food on a stick. I even got to feed the "lobster" and it was a little freaky but surprisingly entertaining. On the way home I got a little lost (even though Amy drew me up a very nice map) and just kept driving until I saw something I recognized which happened to be the MTC and I knew how to get back to my Aunt's house from there. By the time we got home I chatted with Robert and we crashed out. What a long day!

366 Blessings:
#74- Airplanes

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