Saturday, March 08, 2008

It starts...

Thursday was a very long time ago but I've been putting off posting for way too long so this is what I can remember about it and the days following. Up until Thursday Baily has not been into the whole princess thing like so many of the other little girls I know. We even tried to buy her a princess dress for her cousin's princess birthday party but she didn't want it. She told me she wouldn't wear it. So I just got her this little tiara and jewelry set. It had been sitting in the packaging at the top of the coat closet ever since we bought it. Well on Thursday Baily just all of a sudden decided she wanted to play princess. She told me to put her princess dress and shoes on and the hat (tiara). I was pretty surprised and wasn't sure if I was hearing her right. But when I got her all dressed up she was so excited to play princess. She kept all her garb on for about an hour and I could hear her in her room just chatting away and having a blast. It was so precious. So I guess I better prepare myself for the princess days to come. Later on that day I heard some pretty sad news from a family member about a family member and it really broke my heart. It really made me take a look at what I can do better to be a better family member to this person and made me really appreciate my many blessings. I got a whole new perspective from this experience and I really realized how much I love my family. I'm so blessed and I would die if I ever lost any one of them. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation and my testimony of this gospel. That whole experience really was life changing for me. Anyway, on tv that night the top 12 for AI were announced and I pretty much called it except for A'siah. I'm excited for this top 12 though. And Lost ended up being really good that night. They actually even answered a few questions which was nice for a change. And that's all I can remember about Thursday.
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