Saturday, March 08, 2008

Free fun is the best kind of fun!

Friday started off stressful but got much better by the end of the day. It was pay day which is always a relief that we made it through another 2 weeks but when we realize how much we have to pay and how little we have it's super stressful and it really wears on me. I hate struggling this bad with money issues- I HATE it! We just need to have more faith, pay our tithing and put more effort into making it better. I'm usually the one that handles all our finances- paying bills, balancing our account and budgeting. I have realized that I am a control freak and I have trust issues in that I think I'm the only one that can do things right or in the best way. I know this is my weakness and no one else's fault and I take full accountablity for it. I'm really trying to work on this. So when Robert said he would kind of take over I was very hesitant and scared and had a hard time letting go of that responsibility. But in an effort to keep with my goal of letting go and trusting others (especially my husband) I let it go and it's been going very well. There's definitely room for improvement in what we're doing but it has been better. I think Robert just seeing for himself how hard it is to make the money stretch and physically seeing where it has to go and realizing we need to stick to the budget in order to survive has helped so much. So after getting that stuff done in the morning I took Robert to work and then I went to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. Oh how I've missed my dear Wal-Mart and their low prices. I was still feeling stressed and worried but after a prayer to ease my stress I was feeling much better and hopeful. After we made it home we did our thing for a little while and then I decided since I had the van, to get out of the house for a little bit. We left and looked for the public library and after a lot of driving around and a call to Robert to look up the directions for me we finally found it. It's a tiny little I'm sure it will get bigger eventually. I was sad to find out I couldn't get a card since I forgot to bring my new license with our new address on it. Oh well... at least I know where it's at now. After that we went to Fry's and got some stamps and a couple of things I forgot at Wal-Mart, went through the Jack In the Box drive-thru and then we went to the one public park in Maricopa, Pacana Park. It was pretty fun... Baily had a blast since there were a lot more kids there than at our own little park. After that we went home, I fed Joaquin and we left to pick up Robert at work. On the way there I noticed the traffic on the way back was way backed up due to an accident. So when we got Robert I told him we needed to go somewhere to avoid the traffic. He called his sister to see what she was up to and she said she was at Jungle Jim's Playland not too far away. She told us to come by since she was gonna be there for a while longer. So we headed there. However Baily didn't have any shoes since I thought we were just gonna go get Robert and come home. And she looked homeless with her hair wild and messy clothes. But we couldn't go home and get some so we stopped at Walgreens to get her some cheap flip flops. The smallest they had were women's size small but I got them anyway. They were huge on She loved them though and she still insists on wearing them like everyday. Too funny. Anyway she had so much fun playing with her cousins Bryan and Tyler and seeing her Tio (it's actually supposed to be Tia but she calls her Tio) and her La-la. And as a bonus to Robert and I she got to ride all the rides for free without having to get a wristband. It was only like an hour and a half before they closed and thankfully the teenage boys working there just didn't care. Sweet. That saved us like $8. Wahoo! When it came time to go Baily was not happy. She kept screaming that she wanted to go with her Tio. About half way home she finally stopped crying. We stopped at Barro's and got our traditional Friday night pizza and went home, ate and crashed. Although it was stressful at first, the day ended very well.

366 Blessings:
#67- My dad!

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