Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh man...

Wednesday March 19
So Wednesday was a rough day for me. I was excited when Eben asked me to come along to her bridal photo shoot. Unfortunately that meant dragging my kids along since I had no baby sitter and no husband there to help out. I really wanted this to be special for Eben and to be able to help out but I think I was more of a hinderance than a help. Baily was super naughty and it was driving me insane. While we were at this castle place doing the pitures I was holding Joaquin and for some reason his diaper decided it didn't want to work at that moment so he peed all over me. So I headed back down to the car to change him and let Baily run around on the stony steps. Yeah... worst mom of the year award goes to- me! I was frustrated by this point by not being able to help Eben like I wanted to and in the process of changing Joaquin I hear Baily start crying... again. I got so mad and yelled at her that she was fine and to stop crying. By this point I was tearing up myself since I was so flustered. Well once Joaquin was finally changed and I got myself dried off from the lovely urine I look up and realize Baily was crying because she fell and did a face plant on the stony castly steps. I felt like the biggest jerk- especially when I ran to her side and saw her poor little nose all scraped up and bloody. By that time I was in meltdown mode. My emotions ran over me and I was mad at myself for being a crappy mom, mad at Robert's work for not paying him enough and giving him good vacation time so that he couldn't be there to help me... you name it I was mad- overwhelmed. After a prayer, a plea, for help and after Baily had calmed down and I begged for her forgiveness and told her how sorry I was things got better. I got to finish watching a little bit of the end of the photo shoot and wow does my cousin Michelle (the photographer- this is her website... check it out- she's amazing!) do great work. The photos turned out absolutely beautiful and Eben looked stunning. When we went to this grove to have more pictures taken there were 4 deer in the grove. It was so cool. They were so close. Michelle even got one in the background of one of Eben's shots and the picture is so awesome. After that whole tiring event (sorry I didn't help out much Eben but I'm so grateful I got to be a part of that), we went back to my Aunt's house, ate lunch and me and the kiddos and Eben all snoozed. Later that evening (I don't remember what happened in between), we had planned a little party- a pie party and we were gonna watch Waitress. I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs. After we ate dinner (I made soup) we popped in the movie. None of us had ever seen it but had all heard good things about it so we were excited. However we ended up turning it off once we realized it was about an adulterous love story and it felt uncomfortable watching it. We ended up watching Enchanted instead and I just have to tell you that I LOVE that movie. It's so cute and so good and has great values in it. That's my kind of movie. We still had our pie regardless of the Waitress flop so that was good. And that's for that day.

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