Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Blessings

Sunday March 23
Easter was an interesting day for me. I woke up feeling grateful for the reason of Easter- celebrating that Jesus lives. But I was a little sad that we were celebrating without Robert. Easter came way too early this year I must say. Anyway I woke up and went and picked up Eben's brother since he was going back to AZ with Aunt Kathy and Janea and then said bye to them all. Then when Baily woke up and she saw the Easter basket that the Easter bunny brought she was all excited. It was sweet. After she got to go through her goodies I got us all ready and went to church at my Aunt Konny's ward. I used to go to this ward when I lived up there during my Senior year of high school. It was fun to see some familiar faces. I didn't think anyone would even recognize me but I felt so loved when so many came up to say hi and how they remembered me and such. Sacrament was nice and I fed Joaquin during Sunday School. Baily was super excited to go to "uhsawee" and she had a blast while she was there. Relief Society was my favorite. The lesson was partly on the succession of the Prophets and how their Counselors and Apostles are called and we talked about the Solemn Assembly which I knew nothing about so that was fun. There was awesome discussion and it was just a great lesson. After church I came home and started making a yummy Easter feast. I was worried that it was just gonna be me and my kids and that I would feel pretty lonely but that's not how it turned out at all. My Aunt Konny and Deb were there and my cousin Amy, her husband Darrin and their 4 girls all came and enjoyed dinner with me and they even got a ham and veggies for me to have at the dinner which was great. I was bummed that I hadn't found any eggs to hide for Baily but thankfully Amy and her girls took care of that. They brought tons of eggs, hid them theirselves and had a blast finding them and then eating all the candy inside. It was great. We also got to watch Beau and Eben's wedding video that Amy and Darrin put together and it was awesome! After they left I just relaxed with the kids and had a long overdo discussion with Robert about some issues that needed to be addressed. All in all it was a great Easter and I'm so grateful for the reason of Easter... that my Savior was resurrected and that He lives!!

366 Blessings:
#83- My Savior's Resurrection

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Sounds like a good time was had!!