Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Lazy Day?!

Today started out pretty rough. My poor baby wasn't feeling well at all and unfortunately, for her and me, I wasn't either. She could not get happy at all and was very whiny and fussy. She was nagging me and wanted my constant attention all day. I don't think it would have gotten to me so much if I wasn't having such horrible back pain and feeling so weak and tired. I was able to keep my cool for the most part but I literally felt like pulling my hair out. I hate when she's sick. She just was feverish on and off and her throat sounds really scratchy. Her eyes are really droopy and you can just tell she doesn't feel good. Poor baby. Poor mommy. I was really anxious for Robert to get home because I really needed a break... physically and emotionally. He got home a little later than usual because he had to go get a new tire on the car (urghhh...) but when he did he was so sweet. He could tell I was done for for the day and was so willing to help me by taking care of Baily and letting me reallyl rest. After I delivered the rest of my baby shower invitations I clocked out for the day and took another lazy day! And I don't even feel bad about it this time because I have been feeling so cruddy. I was very grateful for my Mother-In-Law for making her yummy soup for dinner tonight. It's not only nice to get the break from cooking and cleaning up, but it's such good soup and so comforting. Robert even served it to me and opened my can of soda because I was too weak to do it myself. What a guy! I found out that Cande wasn't even going to make the soup because she was too tired but when I asked her earlier today if she was still planning on making it she had sympathy on me. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such supportive and loving family! After I ate I sat in our recliner with the heating pad and a big cup of ice (I CAN NOT get enough ice lately... it's ridiculous how bad I crave ice and how much I chomp on it all day) and my book... New Moon. It's the 2nd book in the Twilight series. Robert had a couple of errands and willingly took Baily along so I could get this nice break. I have to say that I'm very mad at my book right now and only continue reading 'cause it's so addictive and to see if any of my theories are true about it. I have to say that it's very life consuming... it really affects how I feel. Anyway... I really hope me and Baily feel better tomorrow. At least I don't have Mya. Hopefully I'll get enough energy to finish up our Halloween costumes. It's getting really close on time. Good night everyone!

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Lazy butt!