Friday, October 19, 2007

Bi-Weekly Menu

I feel like I'm losing my creative steam cooking wise... it's more of a I'm too tired to do anything new and exciting at this point. So I kinda stayed with the basics making this next 2 week's menus. And thankfully we have a lot of parties and stuff so that cuts out a lot of the cooking time for me. I really do love to cook but I'm so tired! Anyway... sorry for the boring menu.

F- Texas Roadhouse- group date with ward friends
Sa- cheddar broccoli soup, rolls

Su- grilled cheese and tomato soup (Robert's working), pumpkin cookies for VT women
M- navajo tacos, brownie sudaes
Tu- Mongolian Grill for nephew's birthday
W- meatloaf, twice baked potatos, veggies
Th- philly cheese steak subs, chips, fresh veggies with ranch dip
F- out to eat
Sa- Dominguez Family Reunion
Su- breakfast skillets, english muffins
M- slow cooker orange chicken, jasmine rice, snow peas, sugar cookies
Tu- bbq pork chops, fried potatos, corn on the cob
W- Ward Halloween Party
Th- grilled chicken, baked potato, veggies


Alex said...

Orange chicken and jasmine rice! Sounds good.

Alex said...

I just love dinners