Thursday, October 11, 2007

Much Better

Ok so today was much better...hormones were in my favor- whew!! I woke up and prayed my heart for a better day and it really was. I devoted all morning to making the day fun for all the kids. After we ate breakfast and were all dressed and ready, (by all I mean Baily, Zach, Kenzie, Bryan, Tyler and I) we walked to the store to get our supplies for the day's activities. It was quite a scene. I looked like a mother duck with 5 little duckies following me. Some lady at the store looked at me like I was crazy and asked "are all of them yours?" I laughed and said no thank goodness... just one of them. When we got home they got to work decorating their mini pumkins. I told them the pumpkins were too small to carve mostly because I didn't feel like helping them carve them and dealing with the mess. So they painted them. And I only had red, white and blue paint so they were stuck painting patriotic pumpkins. Baily didn't want to paint hers as you can tell. They also enjoyed their Halloween snack of popcorn with Reese's pieces candy. While they were painting pumpkins I made the cupcakes for them to decorate. Zach was pretty proud of his pumpkin because he painted a booty on it. What a dork! That's his sense of humor though. He cracks me up! While we were waiting for the cupcakes to cool we all watched Cheaper By the Dozen. I wanted them to watch The Monster Squad that I had rented for them but I guess it's tradition to watch Cheaper By the Dozen every time they spend the night at my house. After the movie was over we made our brain cupcakes. Ok... they look more like cupcakes with weird pink squiggly lines but it's the thought that counts ok?! I should have made them an uglier color. Anyway after that we had a nice wholesome lunch of Ramen (another tradition they have to have every time they're at my house). Then they chilled and ate some chips and then we all went outside and enjoyed our brain cupcakes. Maybe they'll make us smarter... hardee har har. They all had fun outside either playing in the sandbox, with sidewalk chalk, playing hopscotch or blowing bubbles. When Matt came to pick up Zach and Kenzie poor Bryan was so bummed. I'm just glad they had fun and this whole Halloween sleepover party ended on a good note despite my hormones from yesterday. And Amy Zach and Kenzie say hi and they love you!
After they left I put Baily down for her nap which was no problem today. She was zonked. I got a little reading time in and some peace and quiet which was badly needed. Then later today I got to talk to my mom on the phone at my Aunt Marilyn's (bless her for being so sweet!) and that was a major mood lifter upper. She was in such a happy, cheerful mood and I love hearing her like that. Baily had a nice long conversation with her which I loved and I also had a nice long chat with her. I love my mom so much! Isn't she so beautiful? I can't wait 'till she's home! The rest of the day has been easy-flowing. Robert's off tomorrow so I'm excited to have that time to spend with him. Have a good night everyone!

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Becca said...

Don't be sad about your cupcakes, you get an A for effort, I could tell they were suppose to be brain cupcakes. Didn't I see them in the magazine you gave me a subscription for? For your little family to go to BounceU for 2-3 hours it would only be 8.95+tax. Be glad you only have one to pay for! I even had fun, I've always wanted to do one of those cool slides, and I loved it! I sent your mom her invite let me know if she says anything about it. Glad you felt better today! Love ya!