Saturday, October 06, 2007

Friday Frenzy

Yesterday was so long to the lazy day. I was busy from the time I woke up 'till the time I fell asleep. Robert had the day off since he has to work on tomorrow so it was nice to have him home to help keep Baily occupied so I could get stuff done. It was pay day which is always busy. The morning was spent with budgeting, paying bills, laundry, making the menu and grocery list and all that fun stuff. Sometimes I wonder why I wanted to grow up so badly when I was a kid. I guess I need to be grateful that I even have money to make a budget with and to pay bills and get groceries with!

and I were able to finally have a date night- to ourselves- yesterday which was great. It was actually more of a date day but it was wonderful. We went and ate lunch at our favorite little Mexican cafe Mango's. The food and atmosphere are great but it also holds sentimental value for us since that was our first date. We've been going there ever since and the employees know us and our family since we've started our relationship there. We sat outside and it was beautiful. After that we went and did a session at the temple. It had been way too long since we've gone and it was great to feel the Spirit and be reminded of those sacred covenants and blessings in the temple. I love spending time with my husband and it's even better in the temple. It was nice to get out of the hectic real world and enjoy some peace and solitude.

As soon as
we got home it was back to frenzy. I worked on more laundry and took Baily with me to Wal-Mart for the bi-weekly grocery shopping. It was not bad at all. Baily was awesome and she was so friendly to everyone. She smiled and said hi to anyone she could possibly say hi to. I know she cheered up a lot of people last night. It was so cute when she said hi to this really gruff looking guy and he just got the biggest smile on his face and said hi back. It wasn't too crowded which is always a nice break at Wal-Mart. After we got home we had a nice family meal of Digiorno's pizza and watched Baily's new DVD "The Jungle Book." She loved it. It was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up and it was fun to watch it again. I'm sure I'll be sick of it in about a week or so but last night we all enjoyed it together. It was busy and frenzied but it was a great Friday!


Alex said...

Fridays are crazy, no? I looked it up online and tickets for The Nest are 25 bucks, so it's not too bad, but I have a car and stuff to pay for. Eek. And Thursday...this Thursday or the one near Halloween? If it's the latter, then it's my opening night. Oh, and FYI, tickets for my show are selling like hot-cakes that sell like our tickets, because they're going pretty fast. So if you wanna make a trip to watch it, reserve tickets soon. You can get online at Hope you can make it up. Have Zach and Kenz call me when they wit you, yo!

Becca said...

Sounds busy! Doesn't it feel great to get alot done? I love it! Plus you got to go on a date and to the temple, Lucky!