Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Fun Friday

Wow... I really do need to update everyday because it's hard remembering as far back as Friday. That's sad. I guess I'll just write about the highlights I can remember. I finally finished sewing Baily's Halloween costume and although it's far from perfect it turned out pretty cute. You'll just have to wait until Wednesday though to see for yourselves! And I'm pretty sure that's one of the only productive things I got done on Friday. But at least it's something.

We didn't have hardly any money to go all out for a date night on Friday... even though it's nice, it gets expensive going out and paying for a baby-sitter on top of that. So we had sort of a group family date instead. We left with Baily, Bryan and Andre as soon as Mya was picked up to eat at Barro's... surprise, surprise. Hey- it's cheap, we had a coupon and Baily and Bryan love the simple little kid's play area there. What can I say... we're a Barro's family. After that we took them to Freestone Park because Baily was begging to go on the choo choo train all week. We were bummed to find out when we got there that the train was closed for maintenance and we only had like 20 minutes before the kiddy park area closed since they switched to their new winter hours. The kids wanted to still do something at least so they went on the carousel. Baily did not want to go at first but obliged only sitting on the bench instead of the horse and on my lap. It was decorated all Halloween style which was cute. Baily liked it ok but was just too bummed about not going on the choo choo train. After we left the park we went to Dairy Queen. I got the turtle waffle bowl sunday and it was sooo good. However I had to wait until after we got home and I got Baily cleaned up to enjoy it. She was still feeling a little sick and threw up a little in the car on the way home from Dairy Queen. Not fun. After we got home I'm guessing we didn't do much but I don't really remember. Oh and here's some cute pics of Andre playing with Baily and Bryan in the sandbox earlier that day. He can be such a big kid sometimes. Baily loves her cousin Andre so much!

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