Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Seein' Stars

I have nothing to exciting to report about today. I felt really out of whack today so I had to take it easy. I was really dizzy, light-headed and my whole body felt clammy and tingly. I was seeing stars every time I tried to focus on something and felt very weak and tired. I think I may have had low blood sugar or something. After a call to my Aunt Konny for her medical advice (I'm so grateful I have her... she's the best resource I could ever ask for!) I decided to just take it easy today and not strain myself. I got the essentials done for the day like picking up the house and making the beds, getting me and Baily ready for the day, tending to Mya's needs and reading my scriptures. Then I just relaxed the rest of the day. I was able to get a lot of reading in and I'm so sucked into this book! I'm about half way through and I'm sure I'll be done with the first book soon. My cousin dropped off the other 2 books in the series so it's great that I won't have to try and find them at the library or scrape up the funds to buy them. Thanks Becca!
My beautiful niece also came by and brought Baily and I some pizza and soda for lunch. It was so sweet of her and was a nice break for since I didn't have to make lunch or clean up. I love surprises... especially when they have to do with food! Thanks so much Emely! I love ya'!
After Robert got home we sat outside for a while while Baily played around. It wasn't as nice today as it's been in the past couple days though and was actually a little hot. I was so bummed that I had to turn my AC back on! Hopefully for not much longer though. Baily helped me get dinner and dessert made. We were planning on having a bbq tonight but Robert's mom kind of forgot about it so we're gonna do it tomorrow. I'm excited... I've been craving bbq food. Anyway tonight we had tomato baked chicken and it was pretty good. I think out of the 3 of us Baily like it the best. She loves tomatos and chicken and parmesan cheese so of course it was a big hit with her. She was so proud of the banana cream pie she made for dessert... ok I may have helped a little bit but she gets all the credit. She was so proud of her creation. It took a lot of patience on my part to let her help with dinner and dessert but she had such a good time. I need to let her help more often. For FHE we read the First Presidency's message from this month's Ensign. It was called "They Marked the Path to Follow" by Pres. Monson. He talked about the many examples we have to look up to and try to follow from all the way back in Old Testament times to modern day prophets. It was a great article. After that we enjoyed our dessert and hung out outside for a while. Then it was just normal routine stuff and off to dream land. Nothing too exciting today but no complaints at all!


Becca said...

I know what you mean about food surprises, those are the best! If only they'd happen a little more often :) I wonder if you might be anemic? When I was preg with brooke anytime I'd stand up I'd see stars, or almost black out. They had to put me on iron. Glad your enjoying your book, they only get better!

Amalee said...

Good Morning Sarahbear!! :)
I hope you are feeling better today! I agree with Becca about the whole being pregnant thing. I love my girls so much, but being pregnant is just plain awful, but I guess that is kind how the Lord said it would be after Eve left the Garden, eh? Some women seem to sail through it eezy breezy (like Theresa) and I am glad they do. I wouldn't wish the downside of being pregnant on anybody. If it were like a day or two or three, maybe. But the dang thing just drags on for 10 months! (they say it's only 9, but I've counted!! 9 and 1/2 is closer to 10 in my book.)

Well anyways, I love Conference too, and when they called Elder Eyring I thought "Wow! Didn't he just get called to be an apostle like 3 or 4 years ago?" But then I thought about it and he and Pres. Hinckley came and spoke to us while I was on my mission and that was 12 years ago!!! Holy crap, time flies fast!! I was also reminded how our current Prophet was called to serve in the First Presidency when he was much younger also, and though I dearly love all of our apostles (I wanted to give Elder Worthlin a hug so bad!) I wonder if in the future Elder Eyring might be called to be the prophet. He really does seem to make every talk feel like a personal conversation filled with encouragement!! I just love hearing him speak.

I loved all of Saturday Conference and the young women who sang were just awesome too!! I missed out on Sunday conference mostly because of my bad attitude and hard headedness. Usually it is time when I just let my kids do their thing (they wont sit through four hours of peace, no matter how enticing I try to make it. So I give them some pages to color and tell them 'no going outside' and then I park myself on the couch and hope not to be disturbed. :)
But Saturday night a fight got started between my and my hubby and the Sunday morning session just seemed to hammer me, especially the talk from Sister Beck about how perfect a "mother who knew" should be and all the things that she should be accomplishing. I guess the wicked taketh the truth to be hard, and I have a massive amount of improving to do. Well, that just seemed like plenty for me to ponder, but then there was the talk about how we should be treating our families and our spouses. And for once Darin seemed more interested in Conference than anything else, which seemed a little hipocritical, so it just came over as a slap in the face. So I cleaned my girl's room instead. Goes to show what the Spirit can (and won't) do for you. I read how you and Becca and Lindy all are doing great and loving your fantastic husbands, and I am really happy for you. Darin and I have our good days for sure, but I guess we still have a lot to work on. We 'made up' last night, I guess. But I can tell there is still alot inside me that would like to find a better resolution.

But enough about me!!! (rolling my eyes, :) I wonder if I should put a disclaimer on that paragraph up there, eh? Say Hi to everyone for me. Especially Zach and Kenzie, when you get the chance. I really miss you all.

Love ya! Amy