Thursday, October 04, 2007

You Might Wanna Get Some Cheese...

Because I have a lot of whine to offer. I've sadly come to terms that I'm officially out of the tiny bit of the only comfortable stage of pregnancy and into the horribly uncomfortable last 2 months of it. So I may not be as big as the picturer but I seriously feel that big. And I thought I'd stretched to my limits when I was pregnant with Baily but I still feel like I'm stretching more and more every day. This uncomfortable stage has been slowly creeping up on my but I was hit with it with a vengeance yesterday. **WARNING** The following is a TMI (Too Much Info) Alert: I don't need to go into detail about the hormones because I'm pretty sure that anyone who's ever read my blog knows that I suffer from this pregnancy problem a lot. So first there's the hemorrhoids... I've never had them before until this pregnancy and they suck! Then there's the no comfortable clothes issue. It's mostly pants- they're either too small and too tight or too big 'cause they're maternity pants. Either way I'm always having to pull my britches up and it gets so annoying. And all my shirts just keep getting shorter and shorter! There's also the lack of sex life. (Hey I gave the TMI warning!) I miss it like crazy but like I feel like being all sexy and freaky when I have a watermelon in my middle! My back pain is almost out of control. I have to sit down every few minutes if I do anything like cooking, laundry, cleaning. It's awful. And I can't take ibuprofen which is pretty much the only pain killer that works for me. And sleep... fahget about it! I'm sleeping in our guest bed for now since it's the most comfortable one and it's so much cooler in that room. Even being surrounded by 6 pillows and tons of comfy blankets I can never get comfortable. There's the back pain and also my arms go numb from sleeping on them since I have to sleep on my side. And it seems like right when I get comfortable and am falling into a nice, deep sleep I have to get up and pee! Arghhh!!! I hate peeing and I have to do it about 76 times a day. I'm glad these last 2 months are during the busiest time of year so hopefully they will go by a little faster. I wanted to keep baby-sitting until the 2nd or 3rd week of November but I think I'll do until the end of this month. It's too hard already with just Baily. But even with all these pregnancy woes I do love to feel my sweet baby moving and the only comforting thought I have through all this is that at the end I'll have a sweet baby boy.

Alright sorry about that... hope you enjoyed the whine! I baby-sat Robert's cousin's 2 kids, 1 1/2 and about 4 months yesterday since her baby-sitter fell through. I was happy to help and they were good kids. It just wore me out. Baily was such a big helper to me. She helped me by playing with them and giving them her toys and whenever they cried she hugged them, patted them on the back and said "I'm sorry baby... it's ok." It was so sweet. She really did help me out a lot which gives me a lot of hope for when Bubba comes. Robert and I took her to the park and even though it was kinda hot (dang AZ heat!)

she had a blast. Then we went by the store, came home and I made dinner for us and for Andre's mutual project. We also helped him write down 8 recipes he needed for the activity. The rest of the evening went by pretty peacefully. I finally had about half an hour to read some of my book which is just not enough time. It's sooo good and I'm disappointed it's taking me so long to read it. I'm only about 100 pages into it but it's got me sucked in. I just honestly haven't had any free time to read it. Hopefully today I'll have more time. It's sooo good already though. I also wanna finish watching my shows I had recorded. Does anyone know of a way to put time on hold? I would really appreciate knowing how to do that.
EDIT (This is some stuff I forgot to write about and still be warned that it still goes under the TMI info file. I write about these things for possible advice and sympathy:)

I forgot to mention under my pregnancy woes that I'm sick of waking up with a wet shirt because of leakage. And those certain areas of my breastesses (I'm trying to be as tactful as possible here) hurt sooo bad! They're huge and swollen and irritated. Any fellow moms out there have any advice on how to handle this annoyance? And also, I was hoping that I had dodged the swollen feet bullet that I was hit with during Baily's pregnancy but apparently not. My feet are getting bigger by the minute. It sucked with Baily but it was during the summer so it wasn't a problem wearing size 11 flip-flops. So if you see me wearing slippers or something you know it's because I would rather wear those than size 11 tennies and because it might get chilly soon and I may not be able to wear the flip flops.

On a less gruesome note I want to mention, more for myself when I look back on this, that Alma 5 is the most amazing chapter in the BOM! I've had the opportunity to read it not only yesterday during my normal reading but a few other times for specialty reading the past month or so. WoW! If I'm ever down or feeling tempted I just need to read this chapter. Talk about changing your earthly perspective to an eternal one and really making you evaluate where you are on your eternal progress. I love it!


Becca said...

Glad it's you and not me. I couldn't take being pregnant right now. Just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. I remember feeling like I wanted out of my body, and feeling like I wanted to scream because I couldn't get away from the uncomfortableness of it all. Don't get me wrong, I love feeling the baby move, and the end result but once my ribs start getting invaded I just the baby out! So I sympathize with you!

collegegirl18 said...

Ah you make me laugh!

Emily(sandra) said...

Well wow! that was a lot of info..but its funny.... your feet aint that big... I cant believe you thought that I wore a size 11 yeah right i waer a size 8 1/2 or a size 9 jus like dont worry jus 2 more months and the baby will be out.. ha.

Cordova Family said...

Get a body pillow, and start wearing the bra and nursing pads already! Sucks I know!! Only 2 more look great!