Thursday, October 18, 2007


I feel so special. Tagged 2 days in a row? We all know how much I love me a good survey so I couldn't pass this one up. Especially since it's about my man again! And I decided to look through my wedding picture disk and had so much fun remembering our special day!

1. Where did you meet your husband? We "met" on but in person we met at my apartment after a long chat session and a couple of phone calls. I know I was crazy!

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband? I think it was something like I love your truck and you don't look anything like your pic (which I was relieved by because he was much hotter in person!)

3. Where was your first date? We met on Aug. 24th, 2002 but I guess our technical first date was like the next day or something. We went to lunch at Mango's then to Mesa public library where I made a fool of myself and slipped and fell on the stairs. It was so embarrassing but Robert was so sweet and as hard as I'm sure it was, he didn't even laugh at me.

4. Where was your first kiss? At my apartment on the night we met. We started wrestling around and he slipped in a kiss all cool like. It was very smoothe. LOL.

6. Where did you get engaged? It was at my apartment in Phoenix. He was planning on doing it at a restaurant or something and trying to work up a good plan but he had to propose as soon as he got the ring. It was on July 27, 2003. I was making dinner to take over to his family and he was acting really weird. He went back to my room and called me back there and when I got in my room he was on one knee and more white than I'd ever seen him. Then he popped the question. I was totally surprised and so excited. I wouldn't want it any other way!

7. Where were you married? We got married at our church building in Mesa on Dec. 18, 2005. We were sealed on June 3, 2006 in the Mesa AZ temple.

8. How did your reception go? It was spectacular. We had pizza and salad which is our favorite food, and NY cheesecake. Our theme was "A Romantic Evening in NY City." Alex helped do an amazing show and the decorations were gorgeous. It was perfect!

9. Where was the Honeymoon? We're still waiting on that. Unfortunately Robert got sick like the day before the wedding and we were really broke. We did get a night at the Orange Tree resort thanks to my Aunt and Uncle and I must say it was over-the-top romantic. We still plan on going on our honeymoon to NY city someday though.

10. If you could have changed anything about your day what would it have been? I'm with you Janel... would've got my makeup professionally done. And I would've lost a lot of weight before my wedding. But pretty much it was a perfect day.

That was fun! Now I retag Becca, Malissa and Tamie. You know you love me!


Beau said...

Hey Sis, sorry I havent commented on here in awhile. I was just catching up on all your blogs and as I was reading this last one, well not the blog, but the survey thingy, I realized I have no recollection(sp?) of when he proposed to you.......I just draw a blank for the whole ordeal, and so I just wanted to say Im sorry for not being there for you and being excited and stuff with you like you are for me now. And I also want you to know that although I/we joke about him alot and stuff, I really do love Robert....ya know, as a brother in-law and junk, and I dont think ive ever told you that, so Im sorry for that as well. You guys are awesome together and a great example to look up to. Well ok, lets face it, you guys were alright before, and then Bailey came along and she made you guys awesome! I cant even imagine how awesome you guys are going to be with Bubba-Bear in the gang!! Sweetness!! Love ya! Ciao!

Cordova Family said...

You are crazy tagger chick!! I love it!! Yours is so cute!!