Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It was a very blah day today. I have felt like Sleepy from the Seven Dwarfs all day. My doctor's nurse called me today and told me I'm definitely very low in iron and very anemic and I need to start taking an iron supplement. So I'm gonna go get them tomorrow and hopefully they will help me start feeling better. The only problem with that is when I've taken Iron pills in the past they really mess up my stomach and bowels which are already messed up as it is. (Sorry... TMI). Oh the joys of pregnancy! Anyway I was really quite lazy today and I suppose that's how it's going to be for a while. I need to stop beating myself up about it because I actually have a valid excuse to take it easy and not overdo myself right now... Doctor's orders. I skipped out again on making dinner tonight. I've been craving Taco Bell and the past couple times I've gone to get it there has been a 30 minute wait. I was finally able to get it tonight for dinner but it was kind of a bummer because they were out of nacho cheese so I couldn't get the nachos I wanted and they were out of all their sauces so I couldn't fully enjoy my tacos. I'm very disappointed in my neighborhood Taco Bell I must say. At least my craving was somewhat appeased. I had my first meeting for my Activities Committee calling tonight. We just went over some details for our ward's upcoming Halloween party. It's been a tradition in this ward for who knows how long so it's all pretty much routine and we have to do hardly anything. I love being in such a helpful ward. I have a few phone calls to make and that's pretty much all of my duties. I feel so useless but grateful to help at least a little bit. After I got home I sat with the heating pad on my back and watched my shows. I'm glad the red team lost on Biggest Loser and I think they're all idiots for getting Phil voted off. I really don't like the red team... especially that chick. And I was so sad for the girl who lost her mom. SVU was really confusing for me tonight. I guess I'm starting to lose my marbles more and more 'cause I've noticed I seem to be more confused a lot lately. Only 2 more months Sarah, only 2 more months!


Becca said...

I'd have to agree on your neighborhood taco bell, it stinks. If I went and they were out of sauce I think I'd just say, "forget it!" If you want to drive a little farther, the one on Val Vista/Baseline is always great! It's sad that I know these things, oh well! Hope you feel better.

Alex said...

I hate Taco Bell. It's McDonald's evil, yet sweeter, cousin. But I'm sorry about the low iron. I wish I could help you, but before I do, i better go to some sort of school for medicine...I'll just get Beau to help. Then I'll make a movie about your recovery. Sound good? Love ya.

Cordova Family said...

Oh pregnancy! I'm so sorry!! You're doing so good blogging!! Only 2 more months!! YAY!